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Applications And Renewals for NBI Clearances for 2024



Applications And Renewals for NBI Clearances for 2023

It has been our expertise to provide NBI Clearance Online on our website. This updated guide on how to apply for NBI clearance online is provided again to our valued readers as a gift to them.

Thousands of people have asked us how to apply for NBI Clearance Online, and our answer is always simple and straightforward. You can register an account by going to NBI Clearance Online. So there are several steps to follow in the process. Well, at least we’re on our way, isn’t it?

If you want to know how to apply online for NBI Registration, then proceed to read the comprehensive guide. To understand the article completely, please read it through. You can then leave a comment with your question if you have any more questions, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How To Apply NBI Clearance Online

  1. Register an Account with NBI Clearance Online
  2. Schedule an Appointment
  3. Payment of NBI Clearance Transaction
  4. Processing your NBI Clearance
  5. Photo Capture and Biometrics
  6. NBI Clearance Releasing
  7. NBI Clearance HIT
  8. NBI Clearance Quality Control

Register An Account With NBI Clearance Online

STEP 1: Register an account using your personal email address at

STEP 2: Set up an account with NBI Clearance Online.

The “YES” option should be selected if you are simply renewing your NBI clearance and still have your old clearance.

Click “NO” if you’re a new applicant.

To accept the Terms of Service, please fill out all the appropriate fields and click on the “I ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE” button. Continue by clicking “SIGN UP”.

On the APPLICANT INFORMATION page, fill in all the required information. Click the SAVE INFORMATION button once you have completed the NBI Clearance Application Form.

Upon clicking SAVE INFORMATION, your personal information summaries will appear.

The “EDIT” button is located on the right side of the screen, and it allows you to make changes to your information.

NBI Clearance HIT

As a result of your NBI Clearance, you have been tagged as HIT. These reasons are as follows:

  1. You have a namesake – this means that you have the same name with another person.
  2. Your namesake has a pending criminal case or outstanding warrant of arrest
  3. You have a pending criminal case – if you have a pending criminal case or have an outstanding warrant of arrest, your name will be flagged and the issuance of your NBI Clearance will be on hold.
  4. You had a criminal case – whether you are found guilty or innocent in your previous case, this matter will cause the delay of the issuance of your NBI Clearance hence your are tag a HIT.

If NBI Clearance Personnel determined that you fall on Numbers 2, 3 & 4, an additional step will be added to your NBI Clearance Application which is the NBI Clearance Quality Control.

Schedule An Appointment

Click “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” after you have completed the previous steps. The application process for the NBI Online is now underway.

The NBI Clearance Online application will pop up a window asking you to fill out your valid ID. If you want to verify your identity, click the “I Agree” button after entering your valid identification.

The scheduling page will be displayed. Your NBI Clearance can be processed at the NBI Branch of your choice on this page. Choose the most convenient NBI Clearance Branch.

Appointment time and date (AM or PM) for NBI Clearance.

On the right side of your screen, after selecting the appointment. Listed below is the amount of your NBI Clearance, as well as your payment options.

Clearance Transaction Payment for NBI

You can then select the method of payment that suits you. As an example, I chose 7-Eleven for convenience reasons.

NBI Clearance Online will show you the Reference Number after selecting 7-Eleven as the method of payment. Pay for the clearance at 7-Eleven by writing the NBI Clearance Reference number on it.

In case you’re wondering how to pay for your NBI Clearance application at 7-Eleven, check out our article here: How to Pay for Your NBI Clearance Application at 7-Eleven

In order to check the status of your NBI Clearance Online application, you need to pay the said NBI Clearance reference number in any mode of payment you choose. The status of your transaction will change from “PENDING” to “PAID” when you view it on the NBI Clearance Online website.

Processing Your NBI Clearance

Your appointment date will be emailed to you once you complete the NBI Clearance Online application.

You need to go to the NBI Clearance branch you selected in your appointment when the scheduled appointment date arrives. Don’t forget your NBI Clearance Reference Number and your NBI Clearance Online Payment receipt if you plan to bring two (2) valid identification cards.

I mentioned earlier that there are only three items you must bring with you when submitting your NBI Clearance Application form.

Photo Capture And Biometrics

You will need to take a photo and provide biometrics in order to complete your NBI Clearance application. All you need to do in this step is follow the instructions provided by your NBI Clearance personnel.

It won’t be necessary for us to discuss how to take pictures, which I’m certain you’re familiar with. The Biometrics device is scanning your fingerprint. Their database will be updated with your fingerprints once you copy them.

As far as these steps are concerned, we haven’t heard any issues.


Once you’ve completed all the above steps, you’ll receive your NBI Clearance. You will be handed your NBI Clearance in a few minutes after you wait a few minutes.

There will be no one-day processing if you have an NBI Clearance HIT. Your NBI Clearance will be put on hold as a result of this, as the NBI Clearance Personnel will not be able to issue your NBI Clearance.

You usually have to claim your receipt the following day after they stamp it with a date. Below are the reasons for this decision.

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