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NBI Renewal

Applying for NBI Clearance Renewal



Applying for NBI Clearance Renewal

NBI Clearance Renewal – An applicant who wishes to possess a fresh copy of the NBI clearance can renew their NBI clearance. Applicants may need another copy of their NBI Clearance due to expiration of their previous one or they may wish to get another copy of it.

The NBI Clearance website makes it easy to renew your NBI. If the applicant already has an account, they can simply do the NBI Renewal Online in a few minutes.

Renewal of an NBI Clearance – How to Apply

  • Log in to your NBI Clearance Online Account.
  • Check or Verify your Personal Information.
  • Set an Appointment Schedule in NBI Clearance Branch.
  • Payment of NBI Clearance Fee.
  • Processing of your NBI Clearance.

A visit to the NBI website is the first step in the online application process. The website will be automatically redirected to you.

This page will appear when you click on it. This page should be quite familiar to you.

Your NBI account can be accessed online by logging in

You must already have an NBI CLEARANCE ONLINE account since this tutorial is about your NBI Renewal, right?

In this case, we’ll go straight to the log in since you’ve already completed the registration.

In that case, you will have to register with NBI online.

Easily accessed from the upper right of the website is the log in or sign in section. It’s visible at the top of your mobile phone if you’re using it.

Your registered email address and password must be entered correctly. To proceed, click the sign in button.

Using “Forgot Password,” you can retrieve your password. Your email address will be emailed a link for resetting your password. You can reset your password by clicking the link provided in the email.

Having forgotten your password and not being able to access your email account is quite a tricky situation. Neither of them can be retrieved!

NBI Clear has the only workaround for situations like this, and that is to set up a new account. You can find our guide here if you need help

Here’s what you need to do once you’ve logged into your account!

Verify Your Personal Information

As soon as you successfully sign into your account, your main dashboard will appear on your screen.

Your NBI Clearance Online Application Form will be shown.

You should take the time to double-check all the personal information that you have entered previously.

Please click “EDIT APPLICATION” if you find incorrect details. If incorrect details are found, you can easily correct them.

You can schedule your NBI Clearance Appointment by clicking the APPLY button.

We will schedule your appointment with your preferred time and date at your selected NBI Clearance Branches.

Schedule An Appointment

In addition to choosing your time and date, you’ll also determine where you’ll schedule your NBI appointment.

On this screen, you will be able to pick an NBI Clearance Branch, a Time and Date for an online appointment with the NBI.

To view all NBI branches, click on the arrow up button. The branch of NBI Clearance Center at Quezon City Hall will be our example.

Our NBI clearance will be processed at the location that we have chosen. Next, we’ll choose a time and date that works best for us. Click on the blue box corresponding to your preferred date.

Using the example below, we selected January 25, 2020 and 7:00 PM. Whatever you want, you can pick.

NBI Clearance Renewal Fee Payment

Your schedule has been selected, now it’s time to select the most convenient payment method.

For the payment of your NBI Clearance Fee, there are six (6) options available:

  • 7-Eleven
  • Bayad Center Outlets
  • Bayad Center Mobile App
  • ECPay
  • Bank Over the Counter
  • Online Bank

NBI Clearance Fees can usually be paid in 7-Eleven stores with Cliqq booths, since they are convenient and hassle-free. There are also 7-Eleven stores scattered throughout Metro Manila. If you live in your neighborhood, you can easily pay one.

Whatever you choose, it’s up to you. The second best option for me is to pay the NBI Clearance Fee through Bayad Center. You must process your NBI Renewal on site in order to complete this step.

The Renewal Process for Your NBI

As with the first time application, the renewal process follows the same steps or procedures. We will keep this part brief and straight forward since we’ve already discussed it previously.

When you arrive at your selected NBI Clearance Branch, follow these steps to renew your NBI online.

  1. You will be required to provide a photo, a fingerprint (biometrics), and your signature in the Encoding Area at the NBI Clearance Branch.
  2. We can take your photo very easily. Check out the camera!
  3. You can get fingerprinting or biometrics done with the help of the NBI Clearance Personnel.
  4. Let’s get your signature! The process is the same, except this time it isn’t on paper. You will be able to sign with a device that they have!
  5. Your personal information should be verified and checked for possible errors. You need to do this because your printed NBI clearance will contain it permanently.
  6. In order to complete the clearance process, the NBI Clearance Personnel will ask you to go to the Printing Section or return on another day. The Printing Section is the place to go if you are asked to go! I will send you your NBI clearance as soon as possible.
  7. In the event that you are told you need to return on a certain date, you have a HIT and further verification will take place. You don’t need to worry about it. The only thing they have to verify is whether you have a namesake or not.


As you have noticed, NBI Renewal Online is simple since (as I’ve mentioned several times) either you or the applicant already has an account with NBI Clearance Online. To complete an NBI Clearance on site, he or she simply logs into their account, schedules an appointment, pays the fees, and processes the NBI Clearance.

It’s that simple! If we do the entire process from start to finish, it takes 15 to 30 minutes from start to finish. As we mentioned above, those are mandatory as well. We do not accept walk-in applications for NBI Clearance in the absence of an appointment.

What is the speed of this if you’re going to ask us? It’s probably a YES from me. There was a step that was eliminated from the entire process. We have removed the step of signing up for an account and filling out all your personal information.

It is highly recommended that you renew your existing NBI Online Clearance Account rather than opening a new one if you already have one.

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