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How to Apply for NBI Clearance Online in Canada



You are in the right place if you are a Filipino living in Canada who needs to renew or obtain a NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) clearance. Your Filipino criminal record status can be verified by your NBI clearance. You can apply for NBI clearance from Canada for employment, travel, or other legal reasons with this guide.

NBI clearances are issued by the NBI, the Philippine government agency responsible for investigating and gathering criminal information. Different reasons may necessitate it, such as a job application, an immigration requirement, or a legal transaction.

How to Apply for NBI Clearance in Canada

To apply for NBI clearance while in Canada, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the Type of NBI Clearance You Need

Determine the type of NBI clearance you need before you begin the application process. Types include:

  • NBI Clearance for Local Employment
  • NBI Clearance for Travel Abroad
  • NBI Clearance for Visa Application
  • NBI Clearance for Immigration
  1. Obtain a Fingerprint Card

The application process requires you to submit your fingerprints. A standard fingerprint card can be obtained at your nearest Canadian police station.

  1. Secure a Cover Letter

Address a cover letter to the NBI Director in the Philippines. A photocopy of your passport, your contact details, and the reason for your NBI clearance application should be included in this letter.

  1. Obtain a Notarized Affidavit of Explanation

Affidavit of explanation is required for NBI clearance applications from foreign countries.

  1. Send Your Documents to the Philippines

All necessary documents should be compiled, including fingerprint cards, cover letters, and affidavits. For the NBI to return your clearance to Canada, you may also need to include a self-addressed return envelope.

  1. Payment

Your NBI clearance application fee must be paid. Fee schedules and payment options are available on NBI’s official website.

  1. Processing Time

NBI clearance processing times can vary after you send your documents and payment. Updates from the NBI can be found by staying in touch.

  1. Receiving Your NBI Clearance

You will receive your NBI clearance in Canada once it is ready. Keep an eye on its progress.

NBI Clearance Requirements in Canada

The following are the key requirements for obtaining NBI clearance in Canada:

  1. Valid Identification

A valid and original identification document is required. Primary identification is typically a photocopy or scan of your passport. Passports should not be expired and copies should be legible and clear.

  1. Fingerprint Card

Get your fingerprints taken on a standard fingerprint card. Police stations and law enforcement agencies in Canada will be able to help you with this. As fingerprints will be used for verification, they should be clear and complete.

  1. Cover Letter

Address a cover letter to the Director of the NBI in the Philippines. This information should be included in the cover letter:

  • An explanation as to why you require clearance from the NBI (for example, a visa application, employment, immigration).
  • Your full name.
  • An email address and your current address in Canada are required.
  • Your primary identification should be a photocopy of your passport.

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What is the best place in Canada to get NBI clearance?

Contact the Philippine Embassy or Consulate: You can start your search by getting in touch with the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in your area. Their contact information can be found on their official website or by searching online. A NBI clearance can be obtained by following the specific procedures and requirements provided by them.

Check out the list below for a complete list of Philippine Consulates in Canada.

1) Philippine Consulate General, Calgary – Suite 920, 517 1oth Ave. SW Calgary, Alberta T2R 0A8 (Centre 10 Bldg. corner of 4th and 5th St.) with Telephone Numbers (403) 455-9483, (403) 455-9343, (403) 455-9457 and (403) 455-9346

2) Philippine Consulate General, Edmonton
 – Room 107, 4990 92 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T6V 2V4 with Telephone Number (+780) 415 4303

3) Philippine Consulate General, St. John’s – 27 Symonds Ave., St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, A1E 3A4
 with Telephone Numbers (+709) 777 4486 and (+709) 754 2823

4) Philippine Consulate General, Toronto –  7th Floor, 160 Eglinton Avenue, East Toronto, Ontario, M4P 3B5 with Telephone Numbers (416) 922-7181

5) Philippine Consulate General, Vancouver – Suite 660, 999 Canada Place Vancouver, British Columbia, V6C 3E1 with Telephone Numbers (604) 685-1619 and (604) 685-7645

6) Philippine Consulate General, Halifax – 1559 Brunswick Street Ogden Pond Building Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 2G1 with Telephone Number (902) 240-0833

7) Philippine Consulate, Saskatoon – 14-115 3rd Avenue South, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 1L7
 with Telephone Number (+306) 384 7800

8) Philippine Consulate, CharlotteTown – 10 Shell Court Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, C1A 2Z8 with Telephone Numbers (902) 894-7701 and (902) 393-4850

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