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How to Obtain a NBI Clearance in Dubai, United Arab Emirates



NBI Clearance in Dubai

National Bureau of Investigation clearances are issued by the National Bureau of Investigation to Dubai citizens. NBI Clearance application will be given to you with the fingerprint card.  This rule is in place only to ensure high levels of security, which can be used as evidence. In this way, screenings that can be considered evidence are ensured to be secure. At the moment, you do not need this if you work in Dubai, however, it may become necessary if you move abroad.

It is not impossible to obtain your NBI clearance in Dubai if you live abroad. Details on the NBI clearance process can be found on the website or at your local Philippine Consulate.

To obtain a Clearance from The NBI, Follow These Steps:

Dubai makes it easy to obtain NBI clearance. Listed below are the simple steps you need to follow. It’s time to dive in:

  • Visit the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai at Villa No. 234-851, Beirut Street, Al Qusais 3, with contact number +971 4 2207100. Before proceeding, make an appointment.
  • If you reach the NBI clearance office in Dubai, you must obtain Form No-5 as soon as possible. You will receive assistance from the staff.
  • Fill out Form No-5 meticulously with a black ballpoint pen. Among the required fields on the form are name, birthday, gender, present address, and others. Completing the form takes only 15 minutes.
  • In Form No-5, attach a 2×2 photograph after you have completed the NBI clearance form. On the application form, complete the thumb impression section.
  • Only the fingerprints can be obtained with the assistance of the police agency. The form provides space for this after it has been completed. Please ensure you have a copy of the form No-5 that has been signed by the person who assisted you.
  • For fingerprinting as required for your NBI Clearance form, proceed to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Dubai. The fee for this service is 110 AED.
  • The Philippine Consulate will help you complete the remaining process. NBI clearance and Special Power of Attorney (SPA) fees are both AED 200. A valid passport photocopy with three photocopies is a requirement for NBI clearances.
  • A receipt will be issued to you by the cashier after you pay the NBI clearance fees. Your NBI clearance receipt will specify the date of issuance. Your NBI clearance will be delivered to your home within seven days, so no office visits are necessary.
    Ensure you prepare the necessary documents and follow the steps outlined in the process.

NBI Clearance in Dubai: Which Documents Are Required?

It is generally the same documents required for NBI clearance in other countries as in the Philippines. For the purpose of obtaining NBI clearance in Dubai, the following documents are essential:

  • In the very first, you need the Form No0-5 of the NBI and the SPA form
  • You need the 2” x 2” photograph which should have a white background. Make sure that the photo should be taken within 3 months.
  • You should carry your original as well as the photocopy of your passport  and the VISA
  • There you need to do the payment then you should have  340 AED
    To obtain your NBI clearance, simply fill out Form No-5 at the Philippine Consulate. Form No-5 should be brought with the above documents.

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