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How to Pay an NBI Clearance Application at a via 7-Eleven Guide



How to Pay an NBI Clearance Application at a via 7-Eleven Guide

Paying NBI Clearance via 7-Eleven is a much more convenient payment method than those offered by other banks. NBI Clearance payments can also be collected at local banks and Bayad centers in addition to 7-Eleven.

There are also fewer Bayad Center branches than 7-Eleven, and not all local internet users have bank accounts. We recommend you read our step-by-step instructions about How to Apply NBI Clearance Online Application first if you have not done so already.

This post on How much an NBI Clearance for online registration may help you to estimate the cost as well.

You will now see your Reference number on your screen after selecting the payment method on the NBI Clearance Online Application. The reference number should be taken to your local 7-Eleven. 

Paying your NBI Clearance Through via 7-Eleven

Complete your NBI Clearance Application

Click here to access the official NBI Clearance website and fill out your online application. Choose a processing center that is convenient for you and provide accurate information.

  •   Create an account on the official NBI Clearance website if you haven’t already.
  •     Provide accurate information on the online application form. You may apply for a new NBI Clearance, renew an existing one, or travel abroad.
  •    You can select the date and location of the NBI Clearance processing center of your choice.

Choose Payment Method

You’ll be asked to choose your preferred payment method during the online application process. Using 7-Eleven as a payment option is an option you can choose

  •    The payment page will appear during the online application process.
  •    Your payment method should be “7-Eleven.”

Visit a 7-Eleven Store

Seek out a 7-Eleven store near you and take note of the reference number. Payments via NBI Clearance should be supported by the store.

  • You can pay with NBI Clearance at 7-Eleven stores nearby.
  • When available, you can find a store near you using NBI Clearance’s store locator.

Inform the Clerk

You must inform the cashier at the 7-Eleven at the beginning of your NBI clearance process that you wish to pay. Your generated reference number should be provided to them.

  •    Pay for your NBI clearance at the 7-Eleven store cashier.
  •    Provide the generated reference number to the cashier.

Pay the Fee

Your payment will be processed by the cashier. NBI Clearance fees need to be paid in cash. Fees vary according to the type of clearance you are seeking (e.g., regular clearance, travel abroad clearance, etc.).

  • NBI Clearance fee must be paid in cash. There may be a difference in fee amounts depending on the type of clearance you’re applying for.
  •    Your payment will be processed and a receipt will be issued by the cashier.

Receive a Payment Receipt

You will receive a receipt as proof of payment once you have made the payment. It might include the details of the transaction, a reference number, and other information relevant to the transaction.

  •  You will receive a receipt from the cashier that contains transaction information, a reference number, and confirmation of payment.

Schedule an Appointment

Once your payment has been processed, you can schedule a time to complete the NBI Clearance process. Visit the NBI Clearance processing center at a time and date that is convenient for you to get your photo and fingerprints taken.

  •  Your NBI Clearance appointment can be scheduled once the payment has been confirmed.
  •    Visit the NBI Clearance processing center at a time and date that is convenient for you.

According to my last knowledge update in September 2021, I can tell you how to pay for an NBI Clearance at any 7-Eleven location. Before proceeding, please verify the most current information from official sources or contact the relevant authorities. Please note that procedures and payment methods may have changed since then.

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