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Multi purpose NBI Clearances will be issued by NBI



Multi purpose NBI Clearances will be issued by NBI

NBI Clearance for Multi-Purpose is now available! There’s no doubt about it. A Multi Purpose NBI clearance is now being issued by the Philippine Government Agency responsible for NBI clearances online, starting October 2, 2017. This means a multi-purpose NBI Clearance can be used both locally and abroad for any kind of transaction. Multipurpose NBI Clearances also have a valid period of one (1) year with a fee of Php115 per copy.

Dante Gierran, the Director of the National Bureau of Investigation, announced on September 7 that the NBI has revised the format of its clearance forms so that they now say “Issued for whatever legal purpose.” Previously, clearance forms were issued for specific purposes like local and overseas employment and travel abroad.

President Rodrigo Duterte called for all government transactions to be simplified, which was met with this action from National Bureau of Investigation. A solution to the NBI Clearance Online problem simplifies the process and eliminates red tape. Filipinos applying for NBI clearance can now take advantage of the new Multi Purpose NBI Clearance.

As of Monday, all types of NBI clearances for specific purposes will cease to be issued, including gun licenses, travel abroad, visa applications, and job applications.

As a result of a directive from Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II, the Multi Purpose NBI Clearance will be issued for P115.

The NBI clearance processing centers across the country are also being instructed to post announcements about the implementation of the multi-purpose clearance in “conspicuous places” of their respective offices until September 18.

Among the many examples provided by the Executive Officer of the NBI – Information and Communication Technology Division, Welerme Haplasca Jr., was the situation when an applicant with an NBI Clearance applied for a local job, but was not hired. Through the Multi Purpose NBI Clearance, he or she is now able to use it again. Previously, he or she could not use it anymore.

The Multipurpose NBI Clearance system was also described by Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II as the best solution to the growing demand for record-keeping and civilian identification that people are facing. The applicant can use the Multipurpose NBI Clearance for any purpose after it clears their name.

A specific purpose must be indicated in the application for NBI Clearance before it is submitted. For each purpose, the fees vary as well.

A second change was the ease and convenience of the “HITs” process implemented by the National Bureau of Investigation.  The term HIT is used by NBI Clearance to identify applicants who have a namesake, a pending case, or their namesake has a pending case requiring the application to be verified further before it can be released.

There are 104 million breathing individuals in the Philippines (and counting). The odds of you having a namesake who has already applied for NBI clearance are extremely low with that size of population. Moreover, the change applies to both local clearances and NBI clearances abroad.

The only fee you will have to pay is for an NBI Clearance Quality Interview if you already have an active case pending or if your namesake already has one pending.

Listed below are the steps for applying for a Multi Purpose NBI clearance:

  1. First, Register an account with NBI Clearance website.
  2. Fill up the Application form in the NBI Online Registration website.
  3. Set an appointment schedule and pick a branch we’re you will process your NBI Clearance.
  4. Obtain your NBI Clearance reference code and pay for your Clearance Application at 7-Eleven or with any payment method you choose.
  5. You must present your valid IDs at your selected NBI Clearance to receive a Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance. For your Multi Purpose NBI Clearance Application, you can provide your Philippine Passport.
  6. Have your Photo and Finger print taken.
  7. Go to releasing area to get the printed Multi purpose NBI Clearance of yours!

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