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Multipurpose Clearances Are Now Being Issued By The NBI



Multipurpose Clearances Are Now Being Issued By The NBI

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has made significant changes to its clearance issuance system. Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance marks a major change in the documentary issuance landscape.

NBI clearances could become simpler and more efficient with this evolution. The multipurpose NBI Clearance is still valid for one (1) year with a fee of Php115 per copy.

Understanding the significance of this concept for those seeking NBI clearances is our next step.

Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance

Multi-Purpose NBI Clearances differ from conventional NBI clearances in that they cover a wide variety of purposes.

Under the new paradigm, applicants don’t need to specify any specific reasons for requiring clearance. An individual clearance is instead intended to serve a multitude of legitimate purposes.

Key Advantages of the Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance

There are several compelling benefits for both applicants and the NBI in adopting the Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance.

The Application process has been simplified to eliminate the complexity of choosing a specific purpose for clearance. By simplifying the application process, more individuals can apply, making it easier for them to access.

The Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance fee structure is standardized. There are no separate fees for the clearance itself, service charges, or payment center fees, as applicants pay a single fee for the whole process. By ensuring transparency, applicants will be well-informed about the financial aspects.

It is versatile, and it can be used for a variety of purposes. This unified document is recognized and accepted regardless of the reason for obtaining the clearance.

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How to Obtain Multipurpose NBI Clearance

  1. Create an account on the NBI Clearance website for free.
  2. Apply online by filling out the application form.
  3. Schedule a time to process your NBI clearance and find a branch.
  4. Pay for NBI Clearance Application in 7-Eleven or any other payment option you find convenient.
  5. Provide your valid IDs at your selected NBI Clearance as you desire a Multipurpose NBI Clearance. NBI Clearance Valid IDs are listed below
  6. Get your photo and fingerprint taken.
  7. Check your releasing area for the printed Multipurpose NBI Clearance!

Multipurpose Clearances Are Now Being Issued By The NBI

NBI Director Dante Gierran officially announced and endorsed the Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance concept.

His modernized and simplified approach aimed to meet the contemporary demands of individuals seeking clearance documents.

NBI Multi-Purpose Clearances combine efficiency, adaptability, and convenience. The administrative systems we use in society are constantly evolving.

NBI’s Multi-Purpose Clearance is a testament to the NBI’s commitment to making document issuance more accessible and responsive.


Bringing simplicity, transparency, and flexibility to the NBI clearance process is the Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance.

By aligning clearance issuance with modern administrative needs, it responds to the changing landscape of administrative needs Assumptions.

We can see clearly that the Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance will revolutionize the way we obtain vital documentation as we embrace this evolution.

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