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NBI Clearance Applications Can Be Paid at 7-Eleven



What Should I Get Hit Status on NBI Clearance? What Should I Do?

If you are applying for a new NBI clearance or simply renewing, you can pay in a variety of ways. It’s a good thing that the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is streamlining the clearance process so that applicants can do it in the most convenient way.

Apart from Bayad Center and local banks, NBI has also authorized 7-Eleven to collect clearance application fees on their behalf. You will need to pay the bill at an authorized payment station after applying for the NBI clearance online. Almost everywhere in the country, 7-Eleven offers easy access to pay NBI clearance applications.

NBI clearance applicants have chosen 7-Eleven due to its accessibility as one of the best reasons to pursue clearance. NBI clearance payments can be made at 7-11, unlike Bayad Centers that are more difficult to find. It is also impossible for people without bank accounts to make a payment through bank transactions.

The 7-Eleven Guide to NBI Clearance Payment

Paying the bill is the next step after you complete the NBI clearance online application. If 7-Eleven is the best option for you, follow the following steps throughout the process:

Locate the Nearest 7-Eleven with Cinq Kiosk

Keep in mind that not all 7-Elevens offer the Cinq kiosk. You might wonder what the kiosk is. Basically, it is the machine that processes government and utility bill payments, etc. You don’t have to worry about 7-Eleven stores being open 24/7.

You should pay attention to the Cinq kiosk located inside the 7-Eleven store and check to see if the machine is active. It is sometimes impossible to process the payment for NBI clearance applications when the machine is offline.

Seek Assistance

If you are new to the Cinq kiosk or aren’t familiar with how to operate it, ask a 7-Eleven employee or cashier for assistance. You shouldn’t waste your time waiting for them to check if the system is working.

There is a lot of convenience in using the system. To enter the necessary information, you only need to tap the required buttons.  Consider seeking assistance from an authorized person if you are unfamiliar with the system.

Tap the Bills Payment

A touch screen interface provides the user with a convenient way to navigate through the Cliqq kiosk. The welcome screen has various icons. The “Bills Payment” icon should be located and tapped.

A number of merchants are listed on the Bills Payment page once you tap the link. As you are here to pay for NBI clearance application, click on the “NBI” icon on the right.

Supply the Required Information

Tap the NBI icon to be taken to the NBI clearance application form where you can provide your details. In addition to the information you need to provide, you will need to provide:

  • Reference Number
  • Contact Number
  • Exact Amount to be Paid

Check all the details provided as soon as you have entered the required information. You might not want spending money to pay for a different reference number after you have completed the transaction.

Any amount entered incorrectly will not be refunded by 7-Eleven’s management or cashier. NBI might refund the amount paid for a different reference number, but of course you don’t want to go through this sort of hassle.

The next step is to enter your contact information after you have entered the reference number and exact amount. When you are finished (Click NEXT). Your entered information will be displayed here. Ensure that all the information you entered is correct.

The process can be started from the very beginning if you have entered any incorrect information. When you enter the wrong information, you can just press the (BACK Button) to return to the original screen.

Print the NBI Clearance Payment Slip

 Press the “NEXT” button once you have completed all information and verified it, and a receipt will be printed by the Cliqq kiosk. Payroll slips can be printed in different ways depending on the machine. It is generally found at the bottom or in some instances at the middle of the screen. In case you are still unable to find the payment slip, you may ask the cashier at 7-Eleven for assistance.

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Pay for the Receipt

 You should proceed to the cashier for payment once you have printed the payment slip. The only thing you should be sure of is that you bring with you enough money to pay the NBI clearance application fee.

Keep in mind if you are not familiar with using the machine, a member of the 7-11 staff is always available to assist you.

Security Measures

The security of online transactions is of the utmost importance. During the payment process at 7-Eleven, you are protected by robust privacy and security measures implemented by the government.

Public Response

The introduction of the 7-Eleven payment option has received positive initial feedback from the public. NBI Clearance is a more convenient and user-friendly process due to its convenience and accessibility.


Ultimately, NBI Clearance applications can now be paid at 7-Eleven, improving the overall experience considerably for users. A convenient, accessible, and positive user experience makes it a popular choice. A prime example of how the government is embracing modern solutions for the benefit of its citizens is the 7-Eleven payment option.

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