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NBI Clearance Claim Authorization Letter Cover and Business Letters



The NBI Clearance branches allow someone else to pick up your NBI Clearance on your behalf as long as they provide you with an authorization letter. If you are busy or can’t personally visit the NBI office, this can be convenient for you.

Authorization letters should include your name, signature, the name of the person whose authorization you are granting, and their valid ID. While it may be tempting to take time off work to obtain your NBI Clearance, it may not be the most advantageous option unless absolutely necessary.

This is especially true if you’re facing difficulties or concern about losing your job because of taking time off. You will be required to attend an NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview if your NBI Clearance is flagged for a “HIT”.

Any questions they might have will need to be answered by you in such cases. Certain applications require this interview to be verified.

How Do You Write an Authorization Letter?

Your Authorized representative can also claim your NBI clearance, as I mentioned in this article.

Authorization letters are letters that grant temporary authority to a third party or person on your behalf. You can use an Authorization letter to authorize financial matters, appointments, and claims.

What is the format for an NBI clearance authorization letter?

You should write a formal NBI Clearance Authorization letter, do not use a handwritten one, it will cause you trouble in the future. It is preferred to type the document and print it on band paper or hard copy for a professional look.

NBI Clearance Authorization Letters do not have a standard template. The NBI Clearance Branches accept typewritten, printed, or handwritten documents.

Clearly state the purpose of the letter and include the following information: Full Detail in this Code 

[Your Name] [Your Address] [City, State, ZIP Code] [Date]

To Whom It May Concern,

I, [Your Name], [Your Age], residing at [Your Address], hereby authorize [Authorized Person‘s Name] to claim my NBI Clearance on my behalf. I am unable to personally collect it due to [mention the reason, if necessary, e.g., work commitments or health reasons].

Details of the Authorized Person:

Name: [Authorized Person‘s Full Name]
Date of Birth: [Authorized Person‘s Date of Birth]
Address: [Authorized Person‘s Address]
Contact Number: [Authorized Person‘s Contact Number]
Email Address: [Authorized Person‘s Email Address]
Relationship to Me: [Authorized Person‘s Relationship to You]

I have attached a copy of my valid identification and the identification of the authorized person for verification purposes.

I grant [Authorized Person‘s Name] full authority to collect and receive my NBI Clearance on my behalf. This authorization is temporary and valid only for the purpose of claiming my NBI Clearance.

This letter is to be presented along with the authorized person‘s valid identification for verification at the NBI Clearance Branch. I trust that [Authorized Person’s Name] will act responsibly and in my best interest.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


[Your Signature] [Your Printed Name] [Your Contact Number]

– Copy of My Valid Identification
– Copy of Authorized Person‘s Valid Identification

NBI Clearance Online Applicants will find our website to be very easy to use. I’ve provided an example or template so you can easily copy and paste and make your own changes.

Before Claiming NBI Clearance, Follow the Authorized Person Guidelines

  1. Authorization letters from the NBI Clearance applicant must be provided to the authorized person. It is important that the authorization letter clearly states the purpose and includes full details of the authorized person, including their full name, date of birth, address, and contact information.
  2. In order to verify the authorized person’s identity, he or she must bring their own government-issued identification. A photocopy of their ID and an authorization letter should also be submitted with their submission.
  3. Applicants should attach a photocopy of their valid identification (ID) to their authorization letter. In order to verify that the NBI clearance is being collected for the correct individual, this is required.
  4. Documents establishing the relationship between the authorized person and the applicant, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, or other relevant documents, may be helpful if the relationship of the authorized person is not evident from the authorization letter.
  5. A copy of the appointment confirmation or reference number is required if an appointment was scheduled for the NBI Clearance application. The NBI staff will be able to locate the application more quickly this way.
  6. A person who is authorized to obtain an NBI Clearance must be aware of what is required, such as payment of fees, an application form, and other required documents. In order to get a clearance, there may be various requirements (e.g., local employment, travel abroad, etc.
  7. Applicants whose NBI Clearance applications are flagged for a Quality Control Interview (“HIT”) cannot claim the clearance on their behalf. In order to provide additional information or clarification, the applicant must attend the interview.
  8. NBI personnel may verify all details provided by the authorized person to ensure accuracy and validity. In order to make this process successful, cooperation is essential.
  9.  To prevent the misuse or unauthorized access of submitted documents, the authorization letter and any documents submitted must be kept secure and confidential.
  10. A person who claims an NBI clearance on behalf of someone else should follow these guidelines so that the process runs efficiently and successfully.

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