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NBI Clearance Dress Code: What to Wear and What Not To Wear To Your Appointment



NBI Clearance Dress Code

What you wear when applying for the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) clearance is important. Providing yourself with the right attire is crucial to obtaining NBI clearance, which is an essential document used for many legal transactions. Women and men will both find guidance in this article on NBI clearance dress codes.

In general, smart casual attire is appropriate when visiting government offices. It isn’t necessary to wear a formal suit. Keeping it casual and neat is all you need to do. Let’s discuss NBI clearance before discussing the dress code.  Appearing appropriately for this process demonstrates that you are serious and respectful of the process.

Importance of NBI Clearance Dress Code

Putting together an NBI clearance application requires more than just following the rules. Doing so shows respect for the institution, its employees, and its process. A well-dressed candidate will also boost his or her self-confidence during the application process.

What you CAN Wear?

For Males:
• T-shirts (Refrain from wearing obscene statement shirts)
• Polo shirts
• Pants
• Closed shoes (avoid wearing slippers or flip-flops)

For Females:
• Sleeved shirts/blouses
• Pants/ slacks
• Dresses not shorter than an inch above the knees
• Skirts not shorter than an inch above the knees.

What You Should NOT Wear:

  • Tank Tops
    • Shorts or jersey
    • Anything too revealing
    • Slippers

Dress Code for Men

Formal Wear

In a formal dress code, men wear shirts with long sleeves, ties, slacks, and formal leather shoes. Formal appearances call for a business suit. Respect and professionalism are conveyed.

Casual Wear

For a more casual look, pair dark jeans or slacks with a neatly ironed collared shirt. The application process is still respected even though it is less formal.

Don’ts for Men

It is not a good idea to wear overly casual clothing such as tee shirts, shorts, flip-flops, and t-shirts. The procedure is not being respected and is not taken seriously.

Important Note:  NBI DFA Apostille Application & Appointment Online System

Dress Code for Women

Formal Attire

Generally, women wear blouses, skirts or slacks with closed-toed shoes at formal events. It is also possible to wear a dress or a business suit to a formal event.

Casual Attire

Wear neat blouses and slacks for a casual look, or wear a casual dress combined with comfortable shoes. Even when wearing a more relaxed outfit, you must maintain a professional appearance.

What to Avoid for Women

Make sure your clothing is not too casual or revealing. The wearing of shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops is also discouraged. Application processes may not be impacted positively by these choices.

Dress Code Tips for All

Cleaning and neatness are important factors that everyone should remember. Don’t forget to iron, clean, and wrinkle-free your attire. Makeup should be avoided, as well as flashy accessories and heavy perfumes or colognes. Your best appearance is always simple and well-groomed.

Comfort Matters

The importance of dressing appropriately shouldn’t be compromised at the expense of comfort. During the application process, it is important to wear something comfortable so you do not feel uncomfortable. Staying relaxed and confident is easier when you wear comfortable clothing.


You can use an NBI clearance to prove you don’t have pending criminal cases, making you eligible to work, travel, or transact legal business.

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