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NBI Fees

NBI Clearance Online Fee for Online Registration



NBI Clearance Online Fee for Online Registration

NBI Clearance Online Fee vary depending on the purpose for which you are applying. A NBI Clearance Application’s cost varies based on the reason for your application.

NBI Clearance Online Fee do not come without a fee and the fee structure varies according to the purposes for which they are requested.

Following is a table that outlines the various purposes for obtaining an NBI Clearance as well as the costs associated with each.

NBI Clearance Online Fee Application

Would you like to begin your application for NBI Clearance? Hold your horses for a moment there’s an important step to take.

Financial considerations must be taken into account first. A detailed list of NBI Clearance Online Fee application fees has been meticulously compiled correlated with their intended uses.

Prior to initiating your NBI Clearance application you should familiarize yourself with these fees and their underlying purpose.

Policy Update, January 2017

Beginning January 2017, all prospective NBI Clearance Online Fee candidates must abide by a “No Appointment, No Entry Policy.”

The policy unequivocally indicates that access will not be granted for those without an appointment in advance.

Financial Preparation

You should be financially prepared before embarking on your quest for NBI Clearance. For an NBI Clearance Online Fee, P130 is required.

Adjustment in Fees, Effective March 12, 2018

The P115 fee for obtaining the National Bureau of Investigation Clearance will be supplemented by an additional P15 fee starting March 12, 2018.

Due to the implementation of the TRAIN Law the documentary stamp tax (DST) was augmented.

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Transition to Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance

As you have just perused, the information is no longer pertinent to NBI Clearance Online Fee. How are things going? With the implementation of Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance, the previous fee structure is obsolete.

Advantages of the Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance Fee

This Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance Online Fee has the most compelling advantage of being affordable. There is a nominal charge of P170 for the entire package.

Recent Fee Update

Breaking news! The NBI Clearance Fee has been adjusted to P170. In addition to the NBI Clearance Online Fee itself, this comprehensive fee also includes service fees and charges for payment centres.

Notice from NBI Director, September 7, 2017

Earlier this year, NBI Director Dante Gierran announced a major change to the NBI Clearance informing the public that it will now be issued for “any legitimate reason.”

There is now a universal version of the NBI Clearance that caters to all lawful intentions as a result of this significant shift.

The newly-acquired criteria of the Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance ensures that the NBI Clearance will be deemed valid no matter what the specific purpose is for requiring it.

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