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NBI Clearance Online For Foreigners Complete Online Registration



NBI Clearance Online For Foreigners Complete Online Registration

A National Background Investigations Clearance is the primary requirement for immigrants who wish to transact with the following.

  • Applicants for Philippine resident visas.
  • Foreigners who have married Filipinos can renew their 13a immigrant visas.
  • The applicant lives in the Philippines for a little more than half a year before applying for immigration/citizenship overseas.

What was the purpose of getting an NBI clearance for foreigners?

Besides having a valid NBI Clearance foreigners are required to show that they have not committed any crimes while in the Philippines.

NBI Clearance Online Application for Foreign Nationals

NBI Clearance Online For Foreigners Complete Online Registration

Using a reliable internet connection, visit the official NBI Clearance website to begin the process. The NBI Clearance application process for foreigners is similar to that for Filipinos.

Visit the NBI Clearance website ( and fill out the registration form.

Online Your Appointment

You will be asked for your valid IDs to present on the day of your appointment after clicking the APPLY FOR CLEARANCE button.

Among the acceptable IDs for foreigners are:

  • Passport.
  • Alien Certificate of Registration or ACR I-Card.

Clicking the “I Agree” button will open a pop-up window where you can choose between Monday and Friday and the NBI Branch nearest you.

Foreign applicants in the National Capital Region (NCR) will only be able to apply at the NBI Main Clearance Center at UNI Boulevard Ermita in Manila.

Navigate to “NBI CLEARANCE”

Click the “NBI CLEARANCE” tab on the website’s main page to access the dedicated NBI Clearance Online Application portal.

Choose Application Type: “NEW” or “RENEW”

Select either “NEW” for first-time applicants or “RENEW” for those renewing their existing NBI Clearance.

Indicate Previous NBI Clearance Issuance

Indicate whether you’ve been issued an NBI Clearance from 2014 onwards. Foreign nationals will likely select “NO.”

Input Accurate Personal Details

Enter accurate personal information: full name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, and citizenship, matching official documents.

Specify Purpose of Application

Select the specific purpose for obtaining the NBI Clearance, such as travel, employment, or visa application.

Select Preferred NBI Clearance Center

Choose an NBI Clearance center for biometric data capture.

Undergo Biometric Data Capture and Photo

Undergo biometric data capture: fingerprint scanning and photographing, which will be integrated into the NBI Clearance.

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Arrive at the Appointment Time

To schedule an appointment, go to the Manila Doctors Hospital, U.N Avenue, Ermita, Manila. It is not permitted to wear shorts and slippers to the NBI Clearance Office.

Here is a list of documents you need to bring:

  • You should have the original passport as well as a photocopy of it (the bio page upwards to the visa implementation page).
  • ACR I-Card original (front and back) and photocopy of ACR ACR.
  • A printout of the application is required.
  • Receipt of payment.

You must fill out Alien Registration Form No. 5 as soon as you arrive at the Office of NBI Clearance.

Take the biometric, digital signature, fingerprints, and picture at the next station after submitting the Alien Registration form.

Claiming NBI Clearance for Foreigners

Foreigners must wait at least six days to obtain their NBI clearance, unlike Filipino citizens who can apply on the same day.

You can claim the NBI Clearance at the NBI Clearance office on the date listed on the back of your payment slip.

Make Payment for NBI Clearance

Complete payment using preferred methods, like online platforms, over-the-counter, or payment centres. Retain payment receipt.

Foreigners’ NBI Clearance Renewal

The guide below will help you renew your Old NBI Clearance for Foreigners.

NBI Clearance for Foreigners renewal requirements must be met if you are a foreigner with the following:

  • NBI clearance copy from the past.
  • Photograph of the passport and the original (the bio page must be up on the visa implementation page).
  • I-card or alien certificate of registration in original and photocopy (front and back).
  • Your form should be printed out.
  • Receipt of payment.


Foreign nationals can use this comprehensive guide to navigate the NBI Clearance online application smoothly.

A smooth application for the NBI Clearance for various official functions can be achieved by following these steps.  

NBI Clearance Online Application

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