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NBI Requirements

Online Registration for NBI Clearance for Foreigners



Online Registration for NBI Clearance for Foreigners

Foreigners within the Philippines can also obtain a NBI clearance. Applicants looking to transact immigration related business with the following are required to obtain an NBI clearance.

  • Application for a Philippine resident visa.
  • Foreigners who get married to Filipinos receive an immigrant visa renewal under 13a.
  • Applicants must have lived inside the Philippines for approximately half a year before applying for citizenship or immigration overseas.
  • What was the purpose of getting an NBI clearance for foreigners?
  • The NBI Clearance is actually required for foreigners in order to enter the U.S.

Foreigners Can Register Online for NBI Clearance

NBI Clearance can be applied for by foreigners in the same way as it is for Filipino citizens.

You can register on (

When you have an NBI Clearance account, you can sign in with your email address. Applying for NBI Clearance Online can be done in the following steps:

Advanced Appointments Online

Applicant Information” is the form you need to fill out. Please fill out all boxes with your personal information. When you’re finished, click “Save Information“.

You can apply for clearance by clicking on the “Apply for Clearance” button at the top of the page. The button will appear at the top of your screen if you are using a phone.

To Apply for clearance, click the APPLY FOR CLEARANCE button and you will be asked to submit your ID/s on the day of your appointment.

Foreigners Are Allowed to Use the Following IDs:

  • Travel passport
  • You will need to get an ACR I-Card or a CIR
  • (Alien Certificate of Registration)

You will be prompted to choose the time and date that is most convenient for you between Monday and Friday once you click the “I Agree” button. NBI Main Clearance Center is only available to foreigners living in National Capital Region (NCR).

Foreigners who reside outside Metro Manila can apply for NBI clearance based on their location. NBI clearances are usually issued within 10-15 days of Applying.

Foreigners can now apply for NBI Clearance for different reasons than they used to. NBI clearance is now used as a multipurpose document to identify foreigners.

Payment methods can be selected on the left hand side of the page in the payment section. Online or in-person payments can be made for NBI clearance fees. The NBI Clearance fee is PHP 130.00 plus a PHP 25.00 System fee for a total of PHP 155.00.

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Appearance on the Date of Appointment

On the day of the appointment, you are required to go to the office which is located right beside the Manila Doctors Hospital on U.N Avenue.

You cannot enter the NBI Clearance Office in shorts and slippers. You must dress appropriately.

  • Passport (Buoyage up to visa implementation Page) in original and photocopy.
  • Please submit the original and a photocopy
  • ACR I-Card or the alien registration certificate (Front and Back).
  • The application should be printed out.
  • Official Receipt

You do not need to bring a passport-sized image to NBI Clearance since they already have a camera to take your picture during encoding.

Take the biometric, digital signature, fingerprints, and picture at the next station after you submit the Alien Registration form.

You will receive your manual fingerprints and signature after submitting your required documents at the next station. Your NBI Clearance receipt will have a date stamped and written by the NBI staff on the back.

Renewal of NBI Clearance for Foreigners

Please follow the instructions below if you wish to renew your Old NBI Clearance for Foreigners. When renewing your NBI Clearance as a Foreigner, you must have the following when renewing your NBI Clearance.

  • NBI clearance copy from the past
  • Passport original and photocopy (bio page at top of application page)
  • ACR I-Card original and photocopy (front and back) of registration certificate
  • Your form should be printed out

Claiming NBI Clearance for Foreigners

Filipino citizens can claim their NBI clearance immediately, whereas foreigners must wait at least six days to get their clearance from the NBI.

Your payment slip indicates when you need to claim your NBI Clearance. Go to the NBI Clearance office to claim your Clearance.

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