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NBI Requirements

Quality Control Interview for NBI Clearances



Quality Control Interview for NBI Clearances

There were several reasons that made it annoying, including (1) informing me that I must go to the NBI Clearance Main Office for the Quality Control Interview. As a result of having to travel two hours from my home to Las Pinas to apply for my NBI Clearance, I have to wait more than a week to receive it.

The Quality Control Interview has me wondering what the heck it is? What is the benefit of having a HIT status again after five years?

What is NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview?

As far as I know, NBI Clearance Quality Control Interviews are a process whereby NBI personnel review or verify the applicant’s true identity.

During the database verification process, we receive a HIT Status. Derogatory records can appear in the name of the individual or in his own criminal case. NBI wants to make sure that they give NBI Clearances to only “clean” individuals, so your name has been tagged as critical.

Why is this Happening?

As I sit in the cab going to the NBI Main Office, I am very disappointed that I do not have my NBI Online. Is it necessary for NBI Clearance Main Office to conduct this Quality Control Interview? My realization is that there may be several reasons why applicants are experiencing this problem.


  • You have a pending or ongoing case.
  • There is an arrest warrant against you, and the police authorities need to identify you as a suspect in a crime
  • Your Namesake has a pending or ongoing case or
  • The police authorities must identify your namesake regarding a crime that is being investigated by them

What to do if asked to attend Quality Control Interview?

As a matter of fact, it’s a no-brainer. If the NBI Clearance Personnel asks you to appear for the Quality Control Interview, you must comply.

Those who are as innocent as children and have a clean conscience should go. There is no need for you to be afraid, you didn’t break any laws, did you?

  • Please bring at least two (2) forms of valid identification that prove your identity. NBI recommends that you bring verified and accepted IDs. Since I recently received my Philippine passport, I brought it.
  • Arrive on time. I was instructed to go to the NBI the following day at 9AM by the NBI personnel. As I arrived, a large crowd was waiting for their turn. Apparently the Quality Control Interviewers start interviewing around 8AM, according to the person I was talking to.
  • Dress in the appropriate manner. The NBI Clearance Office still denies entry to ignorant applicants because they are wearing slippers and shorts. As you will be going inside a government building, you should wear a decent and appropriate outfit. Wearing a Barong or a Necktie and Suit is not proper and decent.
  • The decision has already been made in your criminal case. You should bring both the original and a photocopy. Your record will be cleared if you do this.
  • Don’t forget to bring your NBI Clearance Online Receipt.

The Quality Control Interview

When I walked into the Quality control interview, I realized it wasn’t really scary at all. In the enclosed office, where the interview is being conducted, I have seen many smiling people leave. There were no arrests in my area! It may be that criminal case applicants aren’t interested in attending the interview because they are aware of being instantly arrested for their crimes.

Approximately five to ten minutes were spent on the interview. Interviewers for the NBI Clearance Quality Control interviewed candidates with simple questions, most of which could be answered with a yes or no. I guess (referring to myself as my namesake) she realizes I don’t fit the bill.

  • Are you living in (your present address)?
    • How long have you been living in your (present address)?
    • Have you been to Palawan? It was the place where my namesake committed the crime.
    • Do you have a criminal case (such as) Rape, Theft, Serious Physical Injury, Attempted Murder, Plunder, Arson or Treason?

After you easily denied all their allegations,[lol] you were instructed to take an oath before a resident lawyer of NBI Clearance.

It will be his or her responsibility to give you a piece of paper, an Affidavit of Denial. The form only needs to be filled out. Affidavits of Denial must be completed in the waiting area after you leave the room.

In working with the Affidavit of Denial, there are things you need to remember:

  • You can get it for free! Be careful of the Filipino scammers who wait outside, offering their services for a fee, to pounce on unsuspecting victims.
  • Enter your reference number from the receipt you received with your NBI Clearance Online Payment along with the date your NBI application was submitted.
  • You will be interviewed by a NBI Clearance Quality Control interviewer who will check all the details you need to provide.

Affidavits of Denial should be submitted to NBI Clearance Personnel once they have been completed. Your oath will then be taken in line. It’s just a matter of being patient.

A resident lawyer of NBI Clearance will be asking you to stand in front of him or her when it is your turn.

Be prepared to recite “Panatang Makabayan” when he asks you to raise your right hand! Then he will ask a few questions that can be answered with Yes or No. It is possible that he would ask you for your Complete Name and Address or any other personal information that he may think of. The process will be completed in a few seconds.

Oaths have been taken! That’s great! It’s not over yet. You must notarize your Affidavit of Denial. There is also no need to spend any money on this.

The person who interviewed you should receive your Affidavit of Denial. You will receive a letter from him or her stating the date of your NBI clearance release. After leaving the room, proceed to the NBI Clearance Section for Printing and Releasing.

It’s easy to get your NBI clearance when the scheduled date and time arrives. GO HOME after leaving NBI Main Office by the Exit door!

In order to help many people with their questions on the internet, I decided to share my experience on the exit path of NBI Main Office. What kind of one do you have? Please let me know what you think about this. You must have heard some stories that you’d like to share?

Would you like to share your experience or a friend’s experience completing the Quality Control Interview when applying for NBI clearance online? All of them make me happy! Please leave a comment.

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