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NBI Requirements

Requirements for NBI Clearances – Never (Ever) Apply Without Them!



Requirements for NBI Clearances - Never (Ever) Apply Without Them!

Have you learned anything new since last time? We will be learning nothing new today! Nevertheless, I will spare you the time of reading this. Everything you need to know about NBI Clearance Requirements.

The requirements for NBI clearance are not difficult to gather. Local municipalities can easily provide some of these services. NBI Clearance Outlets require that you be prepared before you visit. NBI Clearance applications will go more smoothly if you are prepared.

NBI Clearances Are Never (Ever) Obtained Without These Requirements!

Valid IDs

The first thing you should do when entering the NBI Clearance Outlet is to obtain a copy of the application form. Two (2) valid identification cards are required for NBI Clearance as proof of identity. The following identification cards are available for you to choose from:

  • Valid Philippine passport

  • Voter’s ID

  • Driver’s License

  • PRC License

  • SSS ID


  • Postal ID

  • School ID

  • TIN ID

  • Philhealth ID

  • Alien Certificate of Registration

  • Senior Citizen

  • Previous Copy of NBI Clearance

NBI Clearance Application Fee

The requirement for a complete set of Valid IDs isn’t really important since cash is essential. You have to pay fees. A NBI Clearance Online application fee generally ranges from P115 to P415 depending on the purpose for which it is being applied.

Check out the latest guide to NBI Clearance Registration.

Ball Pen!

It is common for people to forget to bring their own ballpens. The NBI Clearance Application form needs to be filled out. Taking your own pen will save you the trouble of borrowing someone else’s.

After you’ve completed all the preparations, make sure you get a good night’s sleep and respect the NBI Clearance building’s dress code.

Other Information

When applying for NBI Clearance, you realized that you lacked the required documents, so you were wondering where to get the following documents, here I am to assist you:

Below are my general recommendations for gentlemen

Valid Philippine Passport – The Department of Foreign Affairs can issue you one. has an online appointment scheduling system. You will need to pick your preferred date and time, as well as the location where you will be applying for a passport. In fact, it’s very simple!

Voter’s ID – The office of the Commission of Elections usually issues this ID. Voter’s IDs are not easy to obtain. Before they give you one, you must be registered as a voter in your municipality. Furthermore, voter’s IDs can only be obtained according to the schedule COMELEC assigns. COMELEC offices have schedules available.

Driver’s License – obtained from the Land Transportation Office. Many people seek out this valid ID because (one) it is a requirement for driving (obviously) and (two) it is easy to obtain. Even though there have been some problems with laminated plastic cards for the past few months, it’s all good now. There have been some improvements in our government and the LTO is now issuing laminated driver’s licenses.

SSS ID – Social Security Number. An SSS ID is available if you are an employed individual who pays the monthly SSS premium. It’s an easy process. Getting one is as simple as going to your nearest SSS branch. Taking your picture, filling out the application, and submitting it are all you need to do! Free and mailed to your address by SSS, it’s the best thing about it.

GSIS UMID – A government employee’s insurance card issued by the Government Service Insurance System. This one is not open to everyone. GSIS members are the only ones eligible for this benefit.

Postal ID – It is available at your local Post Office if you require one. You can get an application form at the Post Office and a NSO Birth Certificate from the NSO.

TIN ID – is issued by the Internal Revenue Service. In order to receive a TIN number, you must already have one.

PRC License – obtained by passing the required board examinations issued by the Professional Regulatory Commission.

School ID – given out by a school if the candidate is still enrolled.

Philhealth ID – issued by Philhealth.

Alien Certificate of Registration – This document is available from the Bureau of Immigration for Foreign Applicants.

Senior Citizen – contact your local Senior Citizen Affairs Office.

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