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The 7-Eleven Method of Paying NBI Clearance Applications



The 7-Eleven Method of Paying NBI Clearance Applications

A system of processing NBI Clearance applicants’ applications keeps on evolving at NBI Clearance. There is a new way to pay your NBI Clearance fee if you are applying for a new NBI Clearance or renewing your current NBI Clearance.

In addition to local banks and Bayad Centers authorized to accept payment for NBI Clearance, 7-Eleven has been authorized to accept payment through its Cliqq Kiosk.

In this case, you might want to consider 7-Eleven as a payment option if you plan to pay your NBI Clearance Online! Please find below a simplified guide to paying your NBI Clearance in 7-Eleven through Cliqq Kiosks!

The 7-Eleven Payment Method for NBI Clearance Applications

In order to get started, you need to find the nearest 7-Eleven Convenient store. There may be cases where a 7-Eleven store doesn’t have a Cliqq kiosk. Your search should focus on 7-Eleven Convenience Stores with available Cliqq kiosks.

You should immediately find the Cliqq kiosk upon entering any 7-Eleven convenience store. In addition to reloading mobile phones, customers can also pay their utility bills through the Cliqq Kiosks. It is easy for anyone to operate a Cliqq kiosk since each is equipped with a touch screen.

You’ll be using the kiosk when it’s your turn, so let’s review your tutorial. You can access the bills payment section by tapping the “BILLS PAYMENT” icon.

Various merchants will be presented to you once the bills payment section is loaded.

Keep an eye out for the NBI logo, don’t bother with them all. You can refer to the top of the site for a reference if you’re not familiar with the logo.

To proceed, tap the NBI logo once you’ve located it!

Next, we must take a very important and critical step. You will now have to supply the following information to the Cliqq kiosk:

  • Your NBI Clearance Reference number
  • Contact number
  • Exact amount

To check your NBI Clearance Reference Number, you can access it online. Don’t make a mistake since the 7-Eleven cashier won’t be able to refund your payment if you entered an incorrect number.

The NBI Clearance Branch must be contacted if you want a refund, and I’m sure you don’t want the hassle.

Check your online application first to make sure the amount is correct.

Once you have completed the process, click the NEXT button.

Once again, enter your phone number. NEXT should be pressed.

Now that you’ve entered all of your information, the Cliqq kiosk will show you all of it. Make sure everything is correct! The payment slip will be printed soon, so please check it now. Continue by clicking NEXT.

It is necessary to begin from the beginning if you enter an incorrect Reference Number, contact number, or amount after clicking on the Next Button. There will be no charge for this.

You can now print your NBI Clearance payment slip by pressing the next button on your Cliqq kiosk.

NBI Clearance payment slips are printed by the Cliqq Kiosk. Get it as soon as possible. In case you are having trouble locating it, it is located directly below your monitor or screen. Payment slips are disbursed at some kiosks in the middle. If you are still unsure where to get it, you can ask the cashier or someone at 7-Eleven for assistance.

If I want to clear my NBI at 7-Eleven, How much should I pay?

When you pay the application fee in a 7-Eleven, there are additional charges and fees. Despite what the NBI Clearance Online website clearly states, the application fee is P130. It would cost P170 in total.

What if I entered an incorrect NBI Clearance Reference Number?

The entire process needs to be repeated if you enter an incorrect NBI Clearance reference number. Embedding the Reference number, contact number, and amount must be done again from the beginning. The payment slip should be printed and paid at the cashier.

The NBI Clearance Payment slip must be paid at 7-Eleven Cashier if you have not already done so.

When you have already paid it with an incorrect NBI Clearance Reference number, you need to contact NBI Online and inform them that you made the payment to an incorrect Reference Number. Your problem has already been paid for, so ask them to fix it.

After payment in 7-Eleven, what’s the next thing to do?

To access your NBI Clearance Online Account after payment, you must log into your NBI Clearance Online Account. Make sure the transaction is already in “PAID” status by going to your “TRANSACTIONS”. You should be able to make your payment at Cliqq Kiosks and 7-Eleven in real-time, ideally. Therefore, you will see the status of your NBI Clearance Transaction change from “PENDING” to “PAID” after a few minutes.

The high volume of transactions processed by NBI Clearance online, however, results in some delays in the update of status for NBI Clearance applicants. It will change in time. Be patient. Leaving the NBI Clearance website for a while and returning later may be a good idea.

Do I have to keep my 7-Eleven receipt?

Sure, of course! Once you have waited one (1) day for your NBI Clearance status to change, you have the proof that you have already paid.

It is possible to find out whether or not your payment transaction was processed at the 7-Eleven Branch. Make sure they see your Cliqq receipt. In that case, you should contact the NBI Clearance hotline and ask for assistance.

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