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The NBI Clearance Application Process in 2024



The NBI Clearance Application Process in 2023

NBI Clearance Applicants can use this updated guide on How To Apply For NBI Clearance in 2019 to guide them through the process of applying for NBI clearance.

In the past, we have focused mainly on how to apply for NBI clearance. The most common question we receive from visitors to our sites is, “How can I apply for NBI clearance?” or “Can I apply for NBI clearance online?”

The process isn’t radically different from what it was before. Here is a compilation of some Frequently Asked Questions gathered from the comments on our site and some minor changes to our previous articles.

You can now register for NBI Clearance Online much more easily, since you can fill up the application form online first. You can use your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone from the comfort of your own home.

Furthermore, you can pay NBI Clearance fees at 7-Eleven, Bayad Centers or other locations. There are six (6) payment options available to us through NBI. The only thing we need to do is decide which is best for us.

Thirdly, online payments are also possible. Using Paypal is the most convenient way to do that. Those are different articles and discussions. As a result, we are not going to discuss it here.

Applicants who apply online for NBI Clearance must still visit the Branch of their choice to complete the application.

The clearance process in the Main Office for NBIs is now much faster based on our recent experience.

We will give you a quick overview of what to expect before we discuss the step-by-step process of obtaining an NBI clearance.

Below you can find a more detailed explanation.

Applying for NBI Clearance

You can apply for an NBI clearance by following the steps below. If you click the link, you will be taken to the step you are interested in reading.

  1. NBI Clearance Online Account Registration
  2. NBI Clearance Online Appointment
  3. NBI Clearance Fee Payment
  4. NBI Clearance Image Capturing and Biometrics
  5. NBI Clearance Issuance

You should first visit NBI Clearance’s official website. You can navigate to the web address I highlighted in the previous paragraph by typing it into your browser.

It will be our goal in this tutorial to explain how to apply for NBI clearance from scratch. In other words, the applicant or user doesn’t yet have an account for NBI Clearance Online.

Our article on NBI Clearance Renewal may be of interest to you if you are looking for the guide on NBI Clearance Renewal.

In order to apply for NBI clearance again, you must follow two different processes. New applications for NBI Clearance require account registration, while renewals skip the registration process and only ask for your old NBI Clearance Number. The Quick Renewal option will be discussed in another post.

We wrote an article that details how to renew NBI Clearance Quickly.

1. Online Registration for NBI Clearance

The next thing you will see when you get to the website is a small box saying “REGISTER“. That’s where you’ll register for NBI Clearance Online.

You’ll notice that if you’re applying for NBI Clearance Online via your mobile phone, you’ll see the “REGISTER” box at the middle of your screen, not on the right. It’s just a matter of scrolling.

You can find the text “DO YOU HAVE AN OLD NBI CLEARANCE? ” and tick the checkbox next to “NO”. Our selection was based on the fact that as we mentioned earlier, we are only discussing the NEW application for NBI clearance and NOT the renewal.

The registration box will change once you have answered the first question, displaying a more detailed registration form.

You must fill out the NBI Clearance Online Account Registration Form with your personal information.

Make sure you enter your email address, your complete name (first, middle, and last), your civil status, and a secure password.

Once you have filled out the required information, click the “I ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE” check box and click “SIGN UP”.

What should I do after getting married and using my spouse’s last name?

An NBI Clearance can be obtained using the last name of your husband if you’ve just gotten married and need help. In the next few days, we’ll share the link to the article.

You will be notified if your registration was successful by the website. You can now sign in to your account by using your email address and password.

The NBI Clearance Online Application Form will appear once you have logged into your NBI Clearance Online Account. In addition to your contact information, you will need to complete the form.

The following personal information must be entered into the NBI Clearance Application Form:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Birth Date and Birth Place
  • Citizenship
  • Educational Attainment
  • Occupation
  • Your Parents Name and Birth place
  • Weight
  • Height

It is your responsibility to ensure that these information are entered correctly so that the NBI Clearance you print is error-free. It is still possible to modify or correct incorrect information even if you have entered incorrect details.

You can save your information after you have completed the form by clicking the button “SAVE INFORMATION” at the bottom of the page.

My personal information has an error. What should I do? Is there a way to fix this?

It is possible to correct the incorrect information you have entered, as I mentioned earlier. Changing the information is as simple as clicking “EDIT INFORMATION”.

By clicking the EDIT button, you’ll be taken back to your NBI Clearance Application Form where you can make any necessary changes.

Once the changes have been made, click SAVE INFORMATION”.

Changes that you’ve made to your NBI Clearance will only appear on your printed copy IF YOU MADE THEM PRIOR TO PAYING THE ONLINE FEE FOR THE NBI Clearance.

You cannot make changes to your NBI Clearance Application form after you have paid your NBI Clearance Fee on a printed NBI Clearance.

In order to fix this issue, you can manually overwrite your NBI Clearance Form with the correct information by asking the NBI Clearance Personnel.

If you would like to proceed with the application, please click the “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” button.

Once you click the button, a small pop-up box will appear asking for your confirmation and valid identification.

When applying for an NBI clearance, I am required to bring two (2) valid IDs, not just my passport, as outlined in the example above.

The list of NBI Clearance Requirements are listed below:

  • Valid Philippine Passport
  • Voter’s ID
  • Driver’s License
  • PRC License
  • SSS ID
  • Postal ID
  • School ID
  • TIN ID
  • Philhealth ID
  • Alien Cert of Registration
  • Senior Citizen
  • Previous Copy of NBI Clearance
  • Philippine National ID also known as PhilSys ID

2. NBI Clearance Online Appointment

On this page, you must schedule an Online Appointment with NBI. At this point, you will have to choose the branch where you want your NBI Clearance to be processed and choose the time when you want it to be processed.

You can process your NBI Clearance at the NBI Branch of your choice. A copy of your application will be printed here after you submit it.

The following is a list of all NBI Clearance branches across the country.

3. NBI Clearance Fee Payment

The right side of your computer screen will allow you to select the payment option that is most convenient to you after selecting the NBI Clearance Branch, Date and Time of your application.

This screenshot represents the exact same thing you’ll see on your screen.

Select the payment method that works best for you from the six (6) options. As for me, I prefer to make payment for my NBI Clearance at 7-Eleven or Bayad Center since they are easily accessible from my house.

The NBI Clearance Payment Option can be selected by clicking any of the icons. My NBI Clearance will be paid at the Bayad Center for the purposes of this tutorial.

It will pop up in a small window. The “PROCEED” button must be pressed.

The payment summary will be displayed after clicking the button. Click “PROCEED TO PAYMENT” once more.

Your NBI Online Payment Reference Number will appear in the next pop-up window.

This Reference Number must be noted. If you are going to pay your NBI Clearance at Bayad Center, make sure you write it down or take a screenshot of it.

Additionally, you’ll see the amount you need to pay (expected). NBI Clearance Fee and System Fee are also included in the total amount and breakdown of the amount to be paid.

There have yet to be included any charges from Bayad center. When you avail the services of Bayad Center, they are legally entitled to include a certain amount in your payment.

If you have taken note of the reference number for the NBI Payment, click the “ACCEPT” button.

On the NBI Clearance website, you will be redirected to the home page.

The “TRANSACTIONS” menu item on the left side of your screen will let you know if your NBI Clearance Online Application was successful.

To access Transactions, click here

Your recent NBI Clearance Application will appear on a new page. Your application status can be found under the Details column.

The NBI Clearance Fee has not yet been paid, so our status is still “PENDING”.

In the event that our NBI Clearance Online Application is paid and our status changes from “PENDING” to “PAID”, we will change its status back to “PENDING”.

Below is a screenshot that you may find helpful.

Below are two screenshots that you can compare. It shows “PAID” instead of “PENDING”, right? The “ACTIONS” column has been updated. Have you noticed? “CANCEL” has been replaced with “DETAILS”.

Your NBI Clearance Online application details are displayed when you click the “DETAILS” button.

A pop up window will appear if you click the “Details” button, as shown in the screenshot below.

A small window shows two (2) buttons as can be seen. Printed applications can be closed by clicking a button.

When you click the “Print Application Button” you will be taken to a new browser tab or window that displays your NBI Clearance Application Form.

The NBI Clearance Application form does not have to be printed. This isn’t necessary.

Alternatively, you can save the NBI Clearance Application Form as a PDF on your smart phone or take a screenshot of the upper portion of the form where the NBI Clearance Reference Number appears.

Your application for NBI clearance is almost complete. After that, you will need to wait for your appointment date and time to complete the NBI Clearance process.

An important note! It is a requirement for your application that you bring TWO (2) valid IDs. The NBI Clearance Application cannot be accepted unless you bring two valid identifications. Make sure not to lose your receipt from the NBI Clearance Fee payment.

An important note! Your NBI Clearance Reference Number needs to be brought as well. In accordance with what was stated earlier, you do not need to print your NBI Clearance Application Form. A reference number from the NBI Clearance Department will do.

4. Capturing Images and Biometrics for NBI Clearance

Go directly to the Image Capturing Section and Biometrics section of the NBI Clearance Branch you have chosen and present your NBI Clearance Application Form or NBI Clearance Reference Number.

In order to locate your NBI Clearance Online Application, the NBI Clearance Personnel will enter your Reference Number into his/her computer. In addition to your photo, your biometrics (fingerprints) will be taken once the application has been found.

5. NBI Clearance Issuance

After the NBI Clearance Personnel captures your photo and collects your biometric data, he/she will ask you to review all the information on his/her computer.

Ensure all personal information and spellings are correct.

NBI Clearance are printed and delivered to their respective owners after you have reviewed your NBI Clearance.

The NBI Clearance will be granted to you in a few minutes if you do not have the HIT for NBI clearance.

In your case, however, if the NBI Clearance Personnel from Photo Capture and Biometrics instructed you to return on a specific date, then you have a HIT. You may also be informed of this by him/her.

NBI Clearance HIT: What Is It?

When NBI’s Database is searched, when a result indicates the NBI Clearance Personnel, it is referred to as an “NBI CLEARANCE HIT“.

You may be shown to have a criminal case or name sake when the NBI Clearance Personnel search your name from their database.

It is necessary for NBI Clearance Personnel to verify the results before issuing a NBI Clearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I walk in to get my NBI clearance without having to submit an online application?

No you can’t. NBI Clearance don’t entertain walk in applicants anymore.

Are prints required on the NBI Clearance Application Form?

No, as mentioned earlier, you do not need to print NBI Clearance Application forms. The NBI Clearance Reference Number is all you need to bring.

I don’t have a Middle Name, what should I put in my Application form?

You can just input “MNU” or “Middle Name Unknown” or “Not Applicable”.

Would it be possible for someone to apply for my NBI Clearance for me? Can he/she process my documents by bringing all my documents?

That’s not possible. A personal appearance is also required when applying for an NBI Clearance. As well as your fingerprints, the NBI Clearance Personnel needs to take a photograph of you.

I missed my scheduled date of NBI Clearance Application, is my payment already forfeited?

No, you can still apply within the same month. Just make sure to go to the NBI Clearance Branch that you have chosen and process your NBI Clearance AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Can I ask someone to claim my NBI Clearance?

Yes you can! You can ask any person you authorized to claim your NBI Clearance. Just make sure to provide an Authorization Letter.

For more details about this, you may read our article focused on this: Ask Someone To Claim Your NBI Clearance

I was asked to come back on a specific date because I have a HIT status, can I just claim it (days) earlier?

No, if the NBI Clearance Personnel asked you to return on a specific date to claim your NBI Clearance, you can’t beg them to give it to you on an earlier date.

I only have one (1) valid ID, is it okay?

No, they won’t entertain your NBI Clearance Online Application.

What if i cannot make it on the date of the release?

It’s okay! But just make sure to claim it within the same week.

Is Birth Certificate issued by PSA/NSO accepted as Valid ID?

Unfortunately, NO. Birth Certificates are not honored as Valid ID in applying for NBI Clearance.

I don’t have a Valid ID, can I still apply for NBI Clearance?

No, two (2) valid IDs are required in applying for NBI Clearance. If you don’t have one, might as well get a Police Clearance, Postal ID or Voter’s ID.

Is my old NBI Clearance can be one of my Valid ID?

Yes, old and expired NBI Clearance are valid.

I have a Student ID, can I still use it as a requirement?

Yes and No. If you’re still a student then Yes, you can still use it. Just bring your School Registration form as a supporting document.

If you’re not a student anymore then No due to obvious reasons.

I already set my appointment in NBI Clearance Online website and I missed to pay it within the first 24 hours. Is my reference number still valid? Can I still pay it?

The NBI Clearance Payment Reference Number is now only valid for 24 hours. There are no longer any payment options available for it. Payment Reference Number errors will result in the application being rejected by the payment center cashier.

As a result of applying for my NBI a year(s) ago, was I expected to experience the same issue each time I reapply for it?

Unfortunately YES, as long as you have a name sake, you will not be cleared.

Can I reschedule my appointment that I set in the website?

There aren’t that many requirements at NBI Clearance Branches, however. The application can still be processed within the week of the scheduled appointment date if you are not able to appear on the scheduled date.

I want to apply for NBI Clearance with a purpose for Travel Abroad, how can I apply for one.

The good news here is you don’t have to apply for a separate NBI Clearance for Travel Abroad. All NBI Clearance issued are Multipurpose meaning it serves all purpose such as Local Employment, Travel Abroad and other specific purposes.

Your NBI Clearance will be accepted no matter what.

What if I lost my NBI Clearance Reference Number, what should I do?

All you need to do is log in to your account in NBI Clearance website and go to Transactions page. You can see it there.

Is there an age limit for NBI Clearance application.

Yes, NBI Clearance are only issued to all applicants eighteen (18) years old and above.

The status of my NBI Clearance is still “PENDING” even after I made my payment? What should I do?

Don’t forget to retain your receipt and make sure you used the correct payment reference number. After you have received your appointment date, it’s time to process your NBI clearance. It is important for you to bring two (2) valid identification cards.

Is photocopy of my Valid IDs are allowed.

No, valid IDs must be original and be presented to the NBI Clearance Personnel. Photocopies are not acceptable because it can be easily falsified.

I selected 7-Eleven as my payment option. Can I pay it through Bayad Center?

No, you can’t do that. If you selected 7-Eleven, you must pay it in 7-Eleven. I believe the payment reference number will not be recognized in Bayad Center if you tried to pay it there.

I was asked to go to a Quality Control Interview? What should I do?

Your only responsibility is to arrive at the planned time and date. The interview is just for proving your identity in front of an NBI Clearance agent. If you have the same name as someone on a wanted list or in a pending case, it is possible they have a pending case.

You do not have to worry if you do not have a criminal case.

Is NBI Clearance Branches open on Saturdays?

No, NBI Clearance Branches are only open Mondays to Fridays. National and Local holidays are observe so better check the date before you set an appointment.

Is Barangay ID acceptable as a requirement in NBI Clearance Online Application?

Unfortunately, No. NBI Clearance don’t honor Barangay ID for unknown reasons.

My last name has an “Ñ” in it but the website doesn’t accept this. What should I do?

Unfortunately, Ñ is treated as a special character and the website restricts the use of special characters.

What you need to do is inform the NBI Clearance Personnel who will take your Photo and Biometrics to modify this for you.

I got HIT, how many days before I can claim my NBI Clearance?

In most cases, your NBI Clearance can be claimed after ten (10) working days. However, sometimes it takes longer or shorter depending on the volume of applicants.

How can I reset my password in my NBI Clearance Online Account?

You may use the Forgot Password feature of the website. It will send you a link to reset your password.

I forgot my password and email address that I registered in NBI Clearance website. What should I do?

It’s no longer retrievable. A password reset link can only be sent if you provide an email address.

Registering a new account is the solution here. When registering for an account, use a different email address.

Would you please tell me what I need to do in order to obtain NBI clearance while abroad? During your stay abroad, how do you apply for NBI clearance?

Start by reading our article about applying for NBI clearance abroad.

In general, yes, it’s possible. Visit the Philippine Consular Office nearest to you.

Read More: Requirements for Renewing an NBI Clearance

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