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The NBI is Expanding its Biometrics Centers



The NBI is Expanding its Biometrics Centers

A new Biometrics Clearance System was recently implemented by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in the Philippines.

NBI Biometrics Clearance System provides law enforcement entities in the Philippines with access to criminal records and other information. As a result of the system, employers can verify that candidates do not have any criminal convictions.

As a result of the new biometric clearance system, clients are able to secure clearances within five to 10 minutes instead of the previous 10-to-15-day process.

The system completes cashiering, digitizes data, conducts fingerprinting via a biometric scanner, captures images, verifies receipts, and releases them within ten minutes.

A maximum of 1,500 identity verifications can be processed per day with this new system.

As part of the biometric clearance system, the NBI has contracted Service Provider Strategic and Comprehensive Consultants, Inc. This is a joint venture between Real Time Data Management Services Inc. and Strategic and Comprehensive Consultants, Inc.

NBI centers are usually located in shopping malls to make them convenient for clients. A new biometrics system has enabled the NBI to expand its nationwide network of centers to 63 centers.

As part of the NBI’s regional expansion program, Manila has deployed flat screen computers and biometric scanners to regional offices for installation at different NBI centers nationwide.

A courtesy lane is available at each center for senior citizens, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and people with disabilities. Also on the Internet, the NBPI offers e-clearance at

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