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The NBI Online Appointment 2024 has Been Updated



The NBI Online Appointment 2023 has Been Updated

The following guide will explain how you can schedule an online appointment with the National Background Investigation Service (NBI). The process of creating an account and making payments will be walked you through step by step. You can count on us to make the process as smooth and convenient as possible.

NBI Online Appointment Booking: How To Do It?

An easy and quick guide to booking an appointment online with NBI:

1. Log In to Your Account: You can access your personal NBI account by visiting the company’s website. The first step in creating an account is to provide your essential details if you’re a new user.

2. Initiate Clearance Application: Follow the instructions in the “Apply for Clearance” section after logging in. By clicking on it, you can begin the process of requesting NBI clearance.

3. Enter the Appointment System: When you select “Apply for Clearance,” you will be seamlessly redirected to a booking and appointment system designed specifically for online applicants.

4. Choose Branch, Date and Time: The appointment system offers a variety of options when choosing the date and time for your appointment. Where you wish to process your application should be your preferred NBI clearance branch. You can then schedule your appointment based on the date and time you prefer. Options are usually offered both in the morning (AM) and in the afternoon (PM). Your schedule can be accommodated because of this flexibility.

5. Select the Method of Payment: Indicate your preferred method of payment as a crucial step. GCASH is recommended because it has a high convenience factor among the available options.

7. Complete Payment: Utilize your NBI Clearance Reference Number to finalize the payment through GCASH. You can be assured that your transaction will be processed correctly when the reference number is combined with the payment.

8. Thank you for your booking confirmation! Your appointment details, including the selected branch, date, and time slot, will be sent to you in a confirmation message.

How Much Is The NBI Clearance Fee?

 The total cost may rise to 155 to 170 pesos due to additional service charges. Payment gateways like GCash, Maya, and Bayad Center will charge the remaining fees, while the 25-peso NBI Clearance Service Charge goes to the NBI.

How Long Does It Take To Get An NBI Clearance?

It depends whether you have a “HIT” status or not whether you can get an NBI Clearance. You can get your NBI Clearance within the day if you have a confirmed NBI Online Appointment without a HIT. Your identity and biometrics will only need to be verified by the NBI.

The processing time will be longer if you have a HIT status. In order to verify your criminal record, the NBI will conduct a background check. It can take up to 10 working days for a HIT clearance to be processed.

Having no HIT enabled me to get my NBI Clearance within an hour. According to other people, HIT clearances take eight to ten working days to process.

What Is the Process for Rescheduling an NBI Online Appointment?

The NBI Clearance website does not allow appointments to be rescheduled. It’s not possible. If you know you will not be able to attend the NBI Online Appointment you scheduled, you may go on to the next working day. What can I do if I am unable to attend my NBI Online Appointment?

How To Cancel NBI Online Appointment?

No, you can’t cancel your confirmed and paid NBI Online Appointment. There’s no such thing. If you paid your NBI Clearance Fees, you can’t refund it. If the reason why you are canceling your NBI Online Appointment is you can go to your appointment date, then just don’t go. But don’t expect that you will be refunded.

Getting an Appointment Online With NBI in 2023 Involves a Few Steps.

The process is simple, to be honest.

  1. sign up for an account

  2. log in

  3. schedule an appointment by selecting your NBI Clearance Branch, date, time

  4. Using the payment method of your choice, you can pay the NBI Clearance fees.

That’s it! It’s easy right?

Do NBI Branches Offer Online Appointments? If so, what are their hours?

There are few NBI branches that open as early as 7AM and close as late as 4PM, but most branches are open between 8AM to 5PM. As well, just to be safe, if you plan to visit the NBI branch. My recommendation is to visit between 9AM and 2PM.

How Do The NBI Online Appointment 2024 Dress Code Requirements Work?

In order to make an online appointment with an NBI Branch, you must dress appropriately. Although they are not too strict, make sure not to wear shorts or slippers.

Where Can I Use My NBI Clearance?

It is typically used in job employment to obtain NBI Clearance 2023. The purpose of this verification is to ensure that you do not have any criminal records (derogatory records) on your record.

In addition to serving as an identification document, NBI clearances are also valid. If you present this as an additional supporting document (serves as a valid ID) to any Public or Private Institution, they will consider it as a valid identification.

What is the online registration process for NBI appointments in 2023?

Follow these steps to register online for your NBI appointment in 2024:

  1. Visit the Official NBI Website: Enter the official website of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

  2. The option to create an account or log in is located on the homepage.To create an account, you’ll need to provide your personal information.

  3. Choose NBI Branch, Appointment Date and Time: Select the branch or satellite office where you would like to schedule your appointment under the appointment section. Choose a time and date that works for you. Depending on your schedule, select the most convenient option.

  4. Pay for your NBI Clearance Fees: You will be directed to the payment page after you confirm your appointment time. GCASH is the most convenient and efficient payment option, but other options are available as well. Complete the payment securely by following the prompts. You should keep a record of your payment transaction for reference.

  5. Go to the branch on your appointment date: A few minutes prior to your appointment time, arrive at the branch selected by NBI. You will need to bring all of the required documents, including identification, reference numbers, and any other materials that may be required. You will be asked to submit your biometric information and to take your picture.

  6. Releasing: Your NBI clearance will be issued to you as soon as possible if there is no “HIT” triggered by your application. The “HIT” status will guide you to return on a specific date within 8-10 working days for further processing if the status is “HIT”.

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