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What Fresh Graduates Need to Know About Applying for NBI Clearance



What Fresh Graduates Need to Know About Applying for NBI Clearance

Do you want to work in any corporate field after finishing your graduate degree? Before you start working, your employer has some requirements you must meet? In addition to the SSS Number and Pag Ibig Number, NBI clearance is another essential requirement.

Any fresh graduate can apply for NBI clearance in the same way as skilled or experienced professionals. All attendees must bring two (2) valid photo ID’s and the required NBI clearance fee, as well.

New Graduate Student NBI Clearance Requirements

In this case, there is only one requirement, and that is your Valid ID. When applying for the NBI Clearance, all applicants must submit two (2) types of valid IDs for their validation..

It is an essential part of the application process for NBI Clearance Online that you have a list of all valid IDs that you can provide.

  • Valid Philippine Passport
  • Voter’s ID
  • Driver’s License
  • PRC License
  • SSS ID
  • School ID
  • TIN ID
  • Philhealth ID
  • Alien Cert of Registration
  • Senior Citizen
  • Previous Copy of NBI Clearance
  • Postal ID

In addition, since you recently graduated from college, many of the above mentioned valid IDs are not applicable to you. The only ID you have is your school ID or your alumni ID.

It is lucky that you already have your voter id so you do not have to deal with any issues if you already own it. But don’t worry, you can easily obtain the postal ID as a second valid ID.

Application for NBI Clearance & Fees

NBI Clearance Purpose of Application NBI Clearance Fees

Local Employment, Change of Gender, For Probation, P 155.00

  • Correction of Birthdate, Enlistment AFP, For Promotion,
  • Enlistment PNP, ID Purposes, Custom’s Pass ID, Student Visa,
  • Lateral Entry, Seaman, Seawoman’s Book, BID, CA, LTO, NSO,
  • PNP, SSS, DND, DOT , Marriage and Other Requirement

Travel Abroad, Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Central America, P 155.00

  • Europe, Hongkong, Libya, Micronesia, Middle East, New Zealand,
  • North America, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, Saipan, Singapore,
  • South America, Taiwan, USA, Passport Renewal, For Deportation,
  • Self Deportation, Immigration Requirement, Visa Australia, Canada,
  • China, New Zealand, Visa Seaman, Seawoman, USA

Business Requirement , Change of Name, Permit to Carry Firearms, P 155.00

  • Firearms License , Adoption NFA, POEA, PRA, SEC , NTC, ACR Requirement.
  • Special Investor’s Residence Visa

Naturalization, Cancellation of Alien Certificate Of Registration (ACR) P 155.00

  • Repatriation But if your application is for an employment.
  • no matter whether it’s for Local or Abroad.

Getting NBI Clearance Through an Online Application or a Manual Application

It is possible to apply for NBI clearance in two different ways; either manually or online. The NBI Clearance Application Form differs between the two. Here are the differences between these two methods in more detail.

Application Process for NBI Clearance Manual

  • A NBI Clearance officer can provide you with an application form for NBI clearance. In order to obtain an application form, you will need to present two valid photo IDs. Make sure the form is filled out correctly, without errors or misspellings. Make sure your submission is accurate before you submit it.
  • Once you have completed your NBI Clearance Application form, proceed to the data check counter to check it.
  • The next step is to pay the corresponding amount based on the purpose of your NBI Clearance Application at the payment counter after having completed the first step. Make sure you get a receipt, however. You could use this as a “claim stub“.
  • Upon completion of the payment section, you will proceed to data entry where your NBI Clearance Application form information will be encoded.
  • The next step will be to capture a photo/image after the above step (Data Entry Stage).
  • As part of this step, an automated finger print or biometric machine would be used. There are almost no branches of NBI that do not use the biometrics system. You can have your finger print scanned and saved in their database using the biometric system.
  • You will then be asked to provide a name sake by NBI clearance personnel. They will ask you to return on the specified date if you have a derogatory record or name sake. You would be asked to proceed to Releasing if you do not have the name sake or even if you do not have the derogatory record.
  • You can get your NBI Clearance printed from the releasing area. To obtain your NBI Clearance, just show your NBI Clearance Receipt to NBI Clearance Personnel.

That’s it you’ve finished all the steps in Manual Application Process.

NBI Clearance Online Application Process

  • For access to the NBI Clearance Online Application Form, please visit Make sure all of the information provided is accurate. The NBI Clearance Application form can either be printed or noted after submission (if you lack a printer).
  • If you did not apply online, visit your preferred NBI branch with your two (2) valid IDs, the printout of the NBI Clearance Online Application form, or a copy of the NBI Clearance Registration code (for applicants without printers). NBI Clearance payments must be made on time.
  • The NBI Clearance Online Application will now be processed. The NBI Clearance Personnel may be able to assist you in this matter.
  • To finish the application process, you need to go to the payment counter and pay the corresponding amount. Make sure you keep your receipt. As such, it would be your “claim stub”.
  • The Fingerprinting / Biometrics and Image Capturing section has been added.
  • During this step, if you have a name sake or derogatory record, they will ask you to return on a specified date to be cleared. The releasing area will be notified if you do not have a name sake or have a derogatory record.
  • You would find all the information related to your NBI clearance in the releasing area. Your NBI Online Clearance will then be printed as soon as the Receipt is presented to a clearance official.

Tips for Fresh Graduates

  • If you are applying for a job that requires the NBI Clearance, start the process well in advance. When you need the document, you will have it ready.
  • Your appointment will be a success if you bring a valid ID and the official payment receipt. The list of accepted IDs can be found on the NBI website.
  • When visiting the NBI office, dress neatly and professionally. Positive impressions are created and interactions with staff are smooth.
  • Some waiting time may be required for NBI Clearance. The staff at the NBI will provide you with instructions, so be patient and follow them.
  • Make sure you provide accurate information during online registration. Providing accurate details facilitates a faster and smoother processing process.

Online Application and COVID-19 Considerations

  • Check for Online Services:
    • It is possible that the NBI will offer online services during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Updates on virtual applications can be found on the official website.
  • Follow Health Protocols:
    • Be sure to follow health and safety protocols when visiting the NBI office. Following any additional guidelines provided by the NBI includes wearing a mask, practising social distancing, and practicing social distancing.


It is important that fresh graduates obtain an NBI Clearance before entering the workforce. Getting NBI Clearance is as simple as understanding the process, preparing the documents, and following the steps listed. Your commitment to compliance and integrity in your professional endeavors will be reflected in this essential document.

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