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What is the need to print the online NBI Clearance Application Form?



What is the need to print the online NBI Clearance Application Form?

We have heard several people asking the same questions over and over again when applying for NBI Clearance Online. We don’t lie, you can see this by scrolling down to the comments section and reading two pages of comments. Our purpose in writing this post is to answer only one specific question from the asking public.

Do I Need To Print My NBI Clearance Online Application Form?

When you apply for your NBI Clearance, you do not have to print the NBI Clearance Online application. Application forms are not required to be printed. It’s not explicitly stated on the website, but if you use some logic and common sense, you’ll arrive at the same conclusions as we have.

But Why?

Get ready to hear our reasons why if you’ve been dying to find out Why. The NBI Clearance Application Form is no longer needed when visiting the NBI Clearance Branches, according to several people who have experienced and Confirmed this.

As a first reason, you do not need to print out the NBI Clearance Online Application Form since it is saved in the database of the same website that can be accessed by branch personnel using your Reference Number. The application form you fill out on the website of NBI Clearance is saved there.

Likewise, the NBI Clearance Personnel from different branches confirmed that they have a digital copy of the application form on their database, so printing the form is not necessary.

They can also answer the same question on their hotline if you call, and they will provide the same answer.

In addition, printing the NBI Clearance Application form is not necessary since the person who assists you with your clearance will simply ignore everything other than the Reference Number if you bring a hard copy of your NBI Online Clearance. All he/she has to do is enter the reference number on his/her computer and voila! He will see your information on his screen. Isn’t that easy?

Is it your expectation that the personnel at NBI Clearance Online will copy and type all of your personal information from the application form? Not at all! Online applications have the advantage of being quick and easy to implement.

But I Really Want To Print My NBI Clearance Application Form. What Should I Do?

Simply sign into your NBI Clearance Online account and go to the TRANSACTIONS page if you wish to print your application form.

You will be able to see all your pending and paid transactions on this page. Under the column named “ACTIONS”, you will see a link that says “GET DETAILS”. For the Application Form to appear, you must click it.

Your Paid transaction’s Reference Number will be displayed in a pop-up window. To print the application form, click the PRINT APPLICATION FORM button at the bottom of the window.

Your application form will appear in another tab on your browser. Your application form will be ready for printing or saving when that time comes.

I Can’t Find The Details Button, What Now?

If you have not already paid your NBI Clearance through any of the options listed on the website, the first thing you should do is ask yourself if you have already paid. I would suggest panicking if the answer is yes (joke).

Check the status of your transaction if your payment has already been made and it is still pending.

The status of your account will not be updated for an hour or two, so please be patient. If you have already paid for your application, you will only be able to access the details button.

You still do not have access to the details button if your application is already paid. Then let me teach you a trick. There are times when your computer’s screen resolution is not high enough to display the entire website page. As a result, the Details buttons are cut off on the page. A computer that is old usually encounters this problem.

Zooming in your screen is a simple remedy. Small resolution screens aren’t easily adapted to the NBI Clearance Online website. The user will encounter the issue if his/her computer screen has a low resolution. You can fix the missing details button by zooming your screen.

Where do I find my Application form if I don’t have it

You need to bring the following items since we asked you not to print your application:

  • Payment Receipt – Your 7-Eleven receipt can be used to prove you have paid the NBI Clearance
  • Your NBI Clearance Online Reference Number
  • Your Philippine passport is one of two valid IDs you should bring. It is also possible to choose other valid IDs as an alternative to a Philippine Passport if you do not possess one.

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