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What Should I Get Hit Status on NBI Clearance? What Should I Do?



What Should I Get Hit Status on NBI Clearance? What Should I Do?

A person with a similar name can be found anywhere in this world. In this case, NBI members may have difficulty identifying the right, non-criminal person. The NBI clearance is applied for using the data stored in the database, as people are basically applying using the information in the database. The status of your account can be easily checked.

It’s important to know how the NBI clearance can affect your status in this article. Unless you read this article very carefully, you won’t be able to gather the necessary information and will also be unable to clear your doubt.

How Did the NBI Clearance Affect Your Work?

The NBI clearance can be achieved by searching for the result. You might be charged with a crime if you are involved in the case. This can make a huge difference to your work when this person hits the status. There is a verification process even for you.

In civil cases, the NBI clearance is not applicable, and also the information is not saved in the database of the system for the cases covered by the NBI clearance. An annulment case, an ejectment case, or a claim for funds can be in this category. It is therefore important that you keep these things in mind.

  • Courts of MTC, MTCC, MCTC, and RTC.
  • Prosecution Service (City and Provincial Prosecution Offices).
  • Ombudsman and Sandiganbayan
  • Police and AFP records

Check to see if your name appears in the criminal case or not. Consequently, the NBI insurance needs to be delayed. There is no requirement that every applicant who hits the status will be locked up. This information can be collected with the help of the above people.

How Long Does It Take To Get The NBI Clearance Once You Hit It

As a general rule, members are notified after 5 to 10 days of the NBI clearance hit. The NBI clearance team is curious about your derogatory records and wants to know if there are any. You will receive your criminal record in the office of the NBI when the waiting period is complete.

The process is actually as simple as attending an interview called the “NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview” where the derogatory records are presented. This interview is held to obtain permission from NBI agents who have a deeper knowledge of your identity. There is a possibility that it is not a fake, and the agent needs to get the correct information. As such, you need not worry if, in the past, you were involved in a criminal case.

Upon Being Invited for an Interview, You Must Bring the Following Documents:

  • First of all, you need to carry your 2 original documents or valid IDs.
  • A copy of the NBI clearance application form and the receipt of the clearance.
  • Both the original and photocopy must be carried. This is because it is totally determined by the court’s decision.
  • A pen must always be carried. In order to avoid taking from the other. Black is a good choice if you carry it.

You just need these things before attending a job interview. When you prove dismissal of the case, you can proceed. Accordingly, your NBI clearance hit will be issued as per your needs and requirements. It may be that you have an pending case. Once the certificate is released, it will appear on the NBI website.


You should approach the situation calmly and follow the prescribed steps if you receive a “Hit” status on your NBI Clearance. Clearance system integrity is maintained by ensuring the accuracy of information. In many cases, you can successfully obtain your NBI clearance by cooperating fully and following instructions.

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