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NBI Clearance Online | Online NBI Clearance Application and Renewal

The National Bureau of Investigation has also Embraced this Transformation by offering an Online Registration system for NBI Clearance Applications.

NBI Clearances have become easier to obtain as a result of this user-friendly approach. They are crucial documents for various official purposes.

NBI Clearance Online | NBI Clearance Online Registration and Renewal

You will learn about NBI online registration and the NBI clearance process to ensure you are well-prepared for the process.

Creating an NBI Account

Please visit the official website of the National Bureau of Investigation ( using your preferred web browser.

Visit the website’s homepage and click on Online Registration or “NBI Clearance.”

You will need to provide your personal information to register for an NBI account such as your name, birthdate and email address. 

NBI clearance online

Your account should be protected by a Secure Password.

NBI Registration for New Account

On the Registration Page you will be asked if you have previously received an NBI clearance. Please select “NO” as a new applicant.

Please fill out the fields below with your personal information. Check the box next to all mandatory fields and fill out the required information.

NBI Clearance Online

Make sure you read and accept the terms of service by clicking on the box that says “Read and Accept Terms of Service.

Click the “Sign Up” button to proceed to the next step.

Important Reminder

You will be directed to an important reminder page after clicking the “Sign Up” button.

The information you provide including your first and last names, birth dates and e-mail addresses should be reviewed carefully. 

You won’t be able to revert once you confirm this information. Click the “YES” box to proceed to the next page.

NBI Clearance Online

Select “YES” for those renewing their NBI clearance. The required fields will also need to be filled out.

Next click on “PROCEED” to proceed to the next step.

NBI Clearance OTP or One Time Password

When you click SIGNUP or PROCEED you will be asked to enter a One-Time Password (OTP).

During the online registration process for NBI you will need a One-Time Password (OTP). OTPs will be sent to your mobile phone number.

NBI Online Registration allows you to move on to the Next step after entering your six-digit OTP from your mobile device.

NBI clearance online

“CLICK SUBMIT” We have provided samples of OTP below. You can see them here.

How To Complete NBI Clearance Online Application Form

Applicants must complete all blanks on the Application Information page with their personal information.

Complete all required information including your name address and phone number. Choose a time, date, and branch of the NBI that is convenient for you.

Ensure that all information is accurate before moving forward. Make sure you are on time when you visit the NBI Clearance Office by planning ahead.

Please click the “SAVE INFORMATION” box once you have completed the NBI online application.

NBI clearance online

Clicking the SAVE INFORMATION” button will take you to the Applicant Information summary page. Ensure that all of the information shown is accurate.

By clicking the “EDIT INFORMATION” you will be able to edit any incorrect information.

NBI clearance online

You can now click the “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” button after reviewing all the information on the screen.

NBI Clearance Application Form

The Philippine National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) allows you to renew your NBI clearance when you log on to their website.

The Filipino Embassy in Vientiane is also available to assist applicants in obtaining NBI Clearance Application Forms (NBI Form No. 5). Here are the requirements:

  • A completed NBI Form No. 5, available from the Embassy’s Consular Section
  • Passport with an original signature
  • A single (1) piece. 2 in. x 2 in. Before applying, you must submit three (3) photographs in white backgrounds
  • Visiting this page will give you the LAK equivalent, which you should pay in cash only; NBI clearance fees are not yet included.

A notarized completed NBI Form No. must be sent by the applicant. In order to submit your NBI clearance application on your behalf, your representative in the Philippines must provide your application, along with any other requirements that may be requested by the NBI.

NBI’s Manila headquarters is where the application may be filed. Contact details and NBI’s address are also available on their website.

NBI Clearance Online Apply Benefits

Taking a quick look at some of the benefits of online registration with NBI before we get into the application process:

  • Convenience: You can apply for NBI clearance anytime and anywhere.
  • Time-saving: Save time and avoid queues at NBI Clearance Online centers.
  • Flexible Appointments: You can choose the date and time of your appointment.
  • Reduced Paperwork: The application can be completed digitally, reducing the number of physical documents required.

NBI Clearance Online Renewal Applicants

Log In: Log in using your Existing Account credentials.

Application Renewal: Click the renewal option and fill out the required information. Make sure your details are up-to-date. By planning your visit to the NBI Clearance Office you can ensure that you will be on time.

NBI Clearance Payment: Select your preferred payment method during the payment process. The transaction must be confirmed in order to proceed. The payment process can be completed by following the prompts.

NBI clearance online

Make sure the NBI clearance Renewal process is completed successfully.

Biometric Data Capture and Photo Upload

You will need to capture your biometric data and upload a photo:

Biometrics Section: Proceed to the biometrics section at the NBI Clearance Office when you arrive on the appointment date you have chosen. During the process, your photo and fingerprints will be taken.

Photo Upload: Online applications may provide the option for you to upload your photo. You must adhere to the guidelines when taking a photo.

Review the Biometric Data And Photo” once they have been successfully captured and uploaded.

Follow any guidelines provided during this process to ensure successful data capture and Image Upload”.

Arrive at the NBI Clearance Online Office

The following steps should be followed when you arrive at the NBI Clearance Office:

1. Document Verification

Verification counters are likely to be found upon entry. The staff will require a copy of your appointment confirmation and a valid photo ID.

Your appointment will be confirmed and you will be directed to the appropriate area for processing.

2. Biometric Data Capture

Verify the documents before proceeding to the biometric data collection area. You will need to provide your fingerprints and perhaps your photo for this step.

Please follow the instructions of the staff and provide the necessary information.

How To Make an NBI Appointment Schedule

Your clearance can be processed at any NBI Branch” once your personal information has been submitted.

You can choose a date from the calendar provided for an appointment. Make your schedule work with the date you choose.

A branch of NBI is an excellent choice when you need one. From Monday through Friday from AM to PM you can select the time and date but not on Saturday and Sunday.

NBI clearance online

Preparing for Your NBI Clearance Online Appointment

Make sure the following items and documents are ready before heading to the NBI Clearance Office:

  • You will need to print out your appointment confirmation
  • Identifying documents (original and photocopy) issued by the government
  • Reference number or confirmation of payment (if applicable)
  • Take notes with a pen and notepad if necessary

NBI Multipurpose Clearance Applicants’ NBI Passport Requirements

The requirements for Postal ID Requirements for those seeking their first job are not too extensive. Your Barangay Certificate is all that is required to prove your identity at the NBI Clearance office.

NBI clearance online

A government-issued identification card from either of the following (2) is acceptable:

  • AMID Anglicized
  • Original PSA-Approved Birth Certificate
  • Furthermore

Passport Requirements and NBI Clearance Online Process

Travelling abroad or obtaining official documents in certain countries requires obtaining a passport and an NBI clearance.

An Requirements For NBI Clearance is a criminal record check conducted by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in the Philippines.

Whereas a passport is a travel document issued by the government that allows for international travel. Here are the details on each requirement.

NBI Clearance Online

Passport Requirements

Passports are essential for international travel. Your citizenship and identity are verified and you are granted entry into foreign countries.

Passports are typically obtained through a number of steps and require specific documents. Passport requirements are listed.

Passport Renewal & Postal ID Requirements

Passport renewal is necessary for those whose current passport is about to expire or has already expired.

Passports can be used for international travel if you have this endorsement. Renewals are usually simpler and faster than applying for new passports.

Check your eligibility for passport renewal before starting the renewal process. Requirements for Postal ID Renewal of a passport is usually possible if it is still valid or has expired within a particular time.

  • Completed Application Form: Passport applications in most countries must be filled out accurately. Your identity, contact information and travel plans are collected on this form.
  • Proof of Citizenship: You will typically need your original birth certificate or a certified copy of it to demonstrate your citizenship.
  • Proof of Identity: You will be required to provide a valid government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport.
  • Passport Photo: Your passport photo must meet certain guidelines (dimensions, background color, facial expression).

National Police Clearance Online Observe Your Personal Appearance

Your appointment date will require you to appear at the NBI Clearance Office. NBI Clearance Online require the taking of your photo fingerprint and biometric information.

NBI Clearance Online

You can receive your NBI Clearance Online door-to-door when you renew it

NBI Clearance Requirements For Police Clearance Renewal the Following Items

  • NBI clearances cannot be processed with Non-Government IDs or Barangay clearances.
  • Sportswear and sandals are not permitted. Dress semi-formally or in formal attire, or wear a Polo shirt
  • The NBI clearance receipt should be brought as proof of payment.

Important Tips:

Prepare Valid IDs: Ensure that you have the required valid IDs on hand for verification.

Dress Code: You will need to dress appropriately when you visit the NBI Clearance Office in order to collect biometric data.

Secure Your NBI Clearance: Ensure your NBI Clearance is stored safely in a secure location.

Payment of NBI Clearance Online Fee

You will be prompted to pay the necessary fees after selecting an appointment date. You will need to follow the instructions to complete the NBI Clearance Payment.

You should keep a copy of the payment confirmation or reference number you generated.

NBI Clearance Online

  • NBI Clearance Fee of PHP 130.00 applies to those who need one for employment, travel within the Philippines, and for other purposes.
  • The fee is also PHP 130.00 for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and those who need the clearance for seaman VISA purposes.

These fees do not include e-payment service provider fees which can range from PHP 20.00 up to PHP 40.00.

NBI Clearance Online

A total of PHP 150.00 to PHP 170.00 will be required for an NBI clearance.  NBI Renewal Price: (130+200+25=₱355).

How To Apply For NBI Clearance Online Registration?

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has embraced modern technology to simplify the process of NBI clearance.

NBI Clearance Online

Applicants can Now Apply for clearance online through the NBI’s online registration system.

You will be guided through the NBI Online Registration process in this comprehensive guide.

What is NBI Clearance Online? 

NBI Clearance Online is an online application for and receipt of NBI Clearance in the Philippines. NBI Clearances represent official documents issued by the NBI which investigates criminal activity and gathers intelligence.

Employment travel and other legal transactions often require this clearance. Applications can be submitted online through the NBI Clearance Online system.

A web-based platform allows you to complete forms, pay fees, schedule an appointment for photo and fingerprint capture and receive the clearance. NBI Clearance Online can now be obtained online and more quickly than through a traditional in-person process.

NBI Clearance Online Benefits

Here are some benefits of obtaining an NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) clearance:

  • Employment: Employers often conduct background checks when hiring candidates to ensure their criminal records are clean.
  • Government Transactions: Required to apply for government jobs obtain licences permits etc.
  • Travel and Visas: Generally requested by foreign countries when applying for visas.
  • Financial Transactions: A financial institution may require it when you open an account, apply for a loan, or conduct a transaction.
  • Personal Verification: Required for renting apartments, signing contracts, and other transactions involving trust.
  • Professional Licensing: Healthcare and education require licences.
  • Legal Proceedings: Provides a character reference or proof of a clean record.
  • Peace of Mind: Assures an individual’s integrity and trustworthiness.
  • Identification: The document can sometimes serve as proof of a clean record as it is used for identification.

Professional personal and legal clearances from NBI are valuable in a variety of ways. 

NBI Clearance Online Releasing

Verification and Review: Your NBI Clearance will undergo verification and review before you receive it. It is important that all information be accurate.

Releasing Section: Once the verification process is complete, you can proceed to the releasing section. Once your identity has been confirmed, you will receive your NBI Clearance.

NBI Clearance Online Application and Renewal

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has adopted online application and renewal platforms making it easier for you to complete the process from home Page.

This guide will help you navigate the online application and renewal processes for NBI Clearance Online.

Please Remember These Important Reminders:

  • Appointments must be confirmed for each applicant.
  • NBI Clearance Online applications must be submitted in person NBI Quick Renewal .
  • Application forms for females should be filled out in the following format:
    •  In women’s case it is her maiden name (the name of her family or father’s name).
    •  Identifying information about a person such as their first name
    •  An alternate name given by the mother (middle name or maiden name)
    •  Parents of husband’s wife and their families
  • NBI Clearance Online forms must be completed with fingerprint authentication without Embassy fingerprints.
  • Applicants for clearance in the Philippines will be required to submit a duly completed application card. For more information about filing a clearance application with the NBI visit

Typical Functional NBI Requirements Example Include

  • Individual appearance
  • Identification is required
  • Photocopies of identification
  • Visit the Consulate to obtain the Fingerprint Card Form (available in person)
  • You must submit one (1) 2″ x 2″ photograph taken within the past six months with a white background

What to Do When You Arrive at the NBI Clearance Office

The NBI Clearance Online personnel should be consulted before moving once you arrive at the office. Whether you are applying for a job or proceeding in court obtaining an NBI clearance is crucial.

When you arrive at the NBI Clearance Office these steps will guide you through what to expect when you’ve scheduled an appointment.

NBI Clearance Online Apply FAQs 

What is the NBI Online in the Philippines?

A National Bureau of Investigation is responsible for efficient detection and investigation of crimes, other crimes against the law, and other crimes against the law as public interest requires. The NBI also provides technical assistance to investigators and detectors of crimes upon request.

How long is the NBI clearance valid in the Philippines?

What is the validity period of the NBI clearance? Upon receiving your NBI Clearance Online you have a valid period of six months to one year. You will need to maintain your NBI record if you engage in any criminal activity during this period.

How to apply for a Philippine police clearance online?

The application for an Requirements for Police Clearance must be made in person. Married women must submit their names in the following format. 

How can I Reschedule my NBI Clearance Appointment?

You cannot reschedule your appointment once you have paid the NBI clearance fee. The payment you have already made will not be refunded if you are unable to attend on your appointment date.

How can I check my NBI clearance status?

NBI Clearance Online Hotlines 8524-1277 and/or 8523-8231 local 5509 can inform you if your NBI Clearance is due for release. Applicants for NBI Clearance must present an official NBI receipt or an electronic NBI Clearance Payment receipt specifying the NBI reference number.

What happens if I didn’t claim my NBI clearance?

NBI clearances that have not been claimed remain valid. Upon issuance, the certificate is valid for one year.

How can I make an appointment for NBI clearance online?

Visit the NBI Clearance Online Account to access your account. Choose your preferred date time, and branch and schedule an appointment. After that you will need to pay the respective NBI Clearance fees.